Monday, November 13, 2017

Gut feeling and faith in concept

RG Chandramogan, CMD, Hatsun Agro Products Ltd at Tiecon Chennai 2017
“As an entrepreneur believe in gut feeling. Have faith in your concept. Go ahead,”
“Too much analysis will lead to paralysis,”

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Large Chemical Companies - Links

Large Chemical Companies
Company HQ
Sales (billion $)
BASF Germany 63.7
Dow Chemical USA 48.8
Sinopec China 43.8
SABIC Saudi Arabia 34;3
Formosa Plastics Taiwan 29.2
Ineos Switzerland 28.4
ExxonMobil USA 28.1
LyonnellBasell Netherlands 26.7
Mitsubishi Chemical Japan 24.3
DuPont USA 20.7
LG Chem South Korea 18.2
Air Liquide France 17.3
Linde Germany 16.8
AkzoNobel Netherlands 16,5
Toray Industries Japan 15.5
Evonik Germany 15.0
PPG Industries US 14.2
Braksem Brazil 14.2
Yara Norway 13.9
Covestro Germany 13.4


Monday, October 30, 2017

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Demand for Hybrid seeds

Increasing Demand Of Hybrid Seeds Market Due To Huge Growth In Agriculture Field

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Hybrid seeds are an enhanced version of conventional seeds. The advantages of hybrid seeds over conventional seeds are increased yield, early maturity, high heat and cold tolerance, disease and pest resistance, better uniformity, better fruit quality, better transportability and better keeping quality. These properties result in increased agricultural production and efficiency.
The hybrids seeds are of different varieties for different kind of food items. Hence the demand and use of hybrid seeds are increasing with the technologies. The diversified demand of hybrid crops is the main reason for the increase in the hybrid seeds market in forecast period.

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