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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Business Model vs. Revenue Model

Here is something basic we need to know about
Business Model vs. Revenue Model
Good Blog....Social Media space is all about number of users and content first ... Initially all the startup business is funded by VC... when they start to monetize things can go Bust !
therefore , we have seen Startup's time their sale or IPO.. when the market sees value... not necessarily Revenue.
Instagram had 13 employees when it was sold to Facebook for $1 Billion... however Kodak had at one point 140,000 employees and we know it filed for bankruptcy.
I recommend the book by Jaron Lanier, Father of virtual reality titled "Who Owns the Future ?" - In the new technology driven economy the wealth will be with skewed towards a very small % of people... unlike the prior industrial revolution...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Indian dyestuff industry

Here is a business opportunity information..!
The Indian dyestuff industry is highly fragmented and characterised by a large number of players in the unorganized sector.
Today, Indian dyestuffs industry comprises about 950 ,units (50 in large and organized sector and 900 units under Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) Sector). These units are mainly present in the western states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, with Gujarat accounting for almost 80% of capacity. The overall production capacity of dyestuffs is 200,000 tonnes per annum.

Mahindra Finace empowering the SMEs : India Entrepreneurship Summit 2013

Wind Energy - has environment issue?

30 years permit to wind farms in the US are opposed by environmentalist there !
The eagle population is affected by wind farms and so the permit extension from 5 years to 30 years is not to the liking of the environmentalists
So what is the situation elsewhere in the world?
And in India?

PET Bottle demand to grow substantially

Multinational companies see growth in next three years for
Juices, Nectors, still drinks, isotonics,teas,carbonated soft drinks are growing and
expected to double in next three years
Plastic Liquid packaging containers are going to be Sun Rise Industry !

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Management lessons from AAP’s showing

Management lessons from AAP’s showing
In each and every event and situation there is a lesson to be learnt. We only miss that very often. If we are willing and be prepared to learn then we can always connect the events or the outcomes with the Management Principles. But, even the so called Geniuses miss this. Take for example the Film 'Ravanan' by Manirathnam. Why it failed? Whereas he was very successful in 'Thalapathi'. Why? Thalapathi is the story of Karnan and Dhuriyothanan. He just narrated the story as in the Epics. It received the acceptance of the Society. He just utilized the Strength of that Epic and the strength of that Character "KARNAN".

Ravanan is the story of Ramayana. This nation believed in that epic for centuries together and the respect they have for Sita and Rama is some thing great. In such a circumstances if he is going to portrait Sita loves Ravana - do you think that the people will agree that? There may be difference of opinion about the 'Agnipravesh'. I do agree that Rama demanding an 'Agnipravesh' by Sita is unacceptable in today's parlance. But, still lakhs and lakhs of people take Ramayana and its versus as watchword. So, trying to change the belief of the people proved him costlier.

Coming to the strength of Aishwarya - her beauty, did he materialize that? He has missed the chance even in the film 'Iruvar'. But whereas the film 'Jeans' en-cashed it. Maniratnam is not an ordinary Director. He is a Management Graduate and he knows about 'SWOT' analysis. In spite of that he has not paid much attention to that aspect.

To conclude, Management Lessons are there every where. Many a times we miss it first and then realize that mistake by that time it is too late and too costlier.   -KRG

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Caps and Closures

Industry Report Store Press Releases: Innovation in Caps and Closures 2013: With 18% growth in demand for closures observed between 2007-2012, and a further 21% expected between 2012 and 2017, those with a high...
Data base for reference

m sand manufacturing from quary waste

m sand manufacturing in tamilnadu cost

Builders demand Manufactured Sand

The Builders association of India, southern centre requested the Government to facilitate & promote Manufactures Sand ( M-Sand) to cope with scarcity of river sand
Projects involving Housing & Infrastructure are affected by sand availability
PWD Faces problem in auctioning sand as the prices are very high in bidding.. !

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

where do we get Aerocon blocks?

Many builders ask this question !
Dear Sir,
I am a builder based in Pondicherry. I am looking for a reliable supplier of high quality Aerocon blocks.
Kindly send any contact information you have for your supplier in Pondicherry.
Viral Doshi
Auroma Group

One of the manufacturers is
HIL Limited
Address :
Hyderabad-500018, A.P,
India. Phone : +91 40 30999000
Fax : +91 40 23701227 / 23702400
Toll Free : 1800-425-425-99
More details on Aerocon Block Project is here

Monday, November 25, 2013

Tychem Buying and Selling of Surplus Chemicals


How to Make An Herbal Extract

Medicinal Herbs Extraction project investments

There are number of herbs/medicinla plants in demand by the pharmacetical/Ayuervedia/tradional medical industry..The most successful commercial method for plant extracts is Super Critical Carbon dioxide extraction (liquid Carbon dioxide extraction) process which is very capital intensive.
The other is a combination of percolation and solvent extraction method, using suitable
organic solvents, where medicinal plants / seeds are first thoroughly washed and inspected
for removing unwanted impurities. The materials are subjected to boiling for decoction
followed by percolation by solvents....
The project can have land area of 10000 Sq. mt and building size  2500
The Fixed cost of project estimated is INR 82.16 million and adding working capital margin of INR
7.84 million total project cost is estimated at INR 90 million. The project will have Debt: Equity ratio of 2:1 and accordingly promoter will bring INR 30 million against the term loan amount of INR 60 million.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Desalination Project

Here is about the project
The cost of a desalination plant depends of its volume capacity. It also depends on energy costs and labor costs. A desalination plant that has a volume capacity of 128 million gallons a day costs costs approximately $1.6 billion

Monday, November 18, 2013

Can people with stomach gastric background take apple cider vinegar on a daily basis?

Good Question ?
Apple Cider Vinegar is a traditional remedy that is used to help stimulate digestion. Recent studies have shown that acetic acid helps to stop gastric acid from leaving the stomach and this may assist with the breaking down of food in the stomach. Acetic acid can also increase the number of abdominal contractions in some people, which are needed to move food through the digestive tracts of the body. 

Apple Cider Vinegar is a form of acid which can be harsh on the stomach if too much is swallowed. The recommended dosage is 1 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in 1/2 a cup of water before meals. 

Making Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar For Pennies!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Here is a useful product ..Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)
is one type of vinegar prepared by the fermentation of apple cider. Fermentation is a process in which sugars in the food are broken down by bacteria and yeast. First the sugars in the apple cider are 
turned into alcohol. Then the alcohol ferments further, to get Vinegar

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Global Markets for Non-Sugar Sweeteners - FOD044A

Acesulfame potassium is made from a process that involves the transformation of an organic intermediate, acetoacetic acid, and its combination with the naturally occurring mineral, potassium, to form a highly stable, crystalline sweetener.

Global Markets for Non-Sugar Sweeteners - FOD044A

Monday, November 04, 2013

Inflation target 5%, don't want rupee back at 45 level: RBI Governor to NDTV

The outlets which sells nicotine patches in india

here is a question and answer !
Dear madam

ref to the telephonic discussion we had, please inform me the outlets which sells
nicotine patches in india. please reply at the earliest

Check with
SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals (India) Ltd
Address: 604, Anna Road, Anna Road, Chennai, TN 600006
Phone:044 2827 9797

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Buyer of Spent Catalyst

Spent Catalysts ?
Here is a company wanting into import spent catalysts to process & make money

Our company is a recycler in China mainland and HongKong. 

We are looking for spent nickel catalyst and other nickel materials such as nickel battery plate, nickel sludge or residue, nickel filter cake,waste nickel alloy, spent nickel catalyst, waste nickel powder,nickel ball. 
If you have these materials,please contact me immediately to sell them to us. 
We would like to buy 100MT monthly. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Copper Anode Sludge processing for Gold & Silver

Here is an interesting project for these troubled days..!
In Copper Plants, during electrolysis, pure copper is deposited on the cathode plates and impurities which are soluble and fall to the bottom of the cell as anode mud or sludge.
Gold, like other precious metals (Ag, Pt, Pd), is extracted from the anode sludge created by the electro-refining process
Recovery of these metals from anode slime is economically attractive and also it is environmentally friendly


Thursday, October 24, 2013


Here is mail from our inbox: any one interested? - what is Gambire? Look here
Buy Trade Lead
We have regularly requirement of ACACICA CATECHU SOLID AND GAMBIRE EXTRACT.. Please provide
Best rate and Technical Data Sheet with MSDS and Sample Image.
We will suitable after processed. Waiting for your valuable reply.
Thanks & Regards
Es Es Chem International
Chennai - INDIA

Monday, October 21, 2013

Richard Branson: Advice for Entrepreneurs

Steve Jobs' Advice for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is the need of the hour - The Hindu

Entrepreneurship is the need of the hour - The Hindu

Entrepreneurs Need Lots of Information while in the process of Starting an Enterprise of their Dreams or Managing their existing one. The information pertaining to project selection, location, markets, choice of technology and machinery, mode of finance, distribution channels, selection of suppliers of material inputs, recruitment of personnel, Logistics, Government Rules, Procedures & Regulations are some of the things the entrepreneurs will be searching for at one time or other.
There are many government, trade associations, consultants, customers besides Newspapers, magazines, technical literature in all the countries providing information to entrepreneurs . Despite the availability of wide institutional network getting adequate, timely, quick, reliable up-to-date information on what to produce, how to produce and market continues to be one of the major drawbacks and problems of the Entrepreneurs all over the world.

TN not high on morphine for pain

Oral Morphine is a very useful pain killer?..
There is not much awareness on the benefits of oral morphine which is recommended for relief from severe pain in cancer patients and those with progressive diseases. Its use is surrounded by several misconceptions even among medical professionals, thus raising the need for creating awareness, say palliative care specialists.
Oral morphine is dispensed through the Drugs Controller only to licenced centres and quite a few pharmaceutical companies manufacture them ; oral morphine is cheaper compared to other drugs such as Buprenorphine and Fentanyl patches.
More details here

Thursday, October 17, 2013

What is the outlook for MSME Sector?

featured insights :
India’s apparel exports up 15% in Sept.
Recent Stories
Peenya Association threatens industry shutdown over trade license
1 The Peenya Industries Association (PIA) plans a series of protests including tool down, industrial...
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KREDL to be more investor, industry friendly: G. V. Balaram
2 Acknowledging the state’s increasing power requirement in proportion to its GDP, Karnataka...
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MSME Minister holds interaction with SMEs in Ludhiana
3 The Minister of State (Independent Charge) for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME), K. H....
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In conversation with

"We do not plan to end our imitative with the submission of a memorandum. If no action taken over our demands, we will go ahead with a wave of protests including tool down, industry shutdown and even take serious protests such as road blocks."
Honorary Secretary, Peenya Industries Association (PIA)
More Stories
TN chemical industry wants clarity in molasses allocation
4 Tamil Nadu’s Chemical Industries Association has requested the state government to look into the molasses allotment policy to eradicate prevailing...
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Farmer Entrepreneurship Program: Bridging Farmers to the JFC Supply Chain

Onion Production technology Production technology part-2 Dr.Ashraf Sahib...

To increase the income by growing of onion production

Now Onion is in the News ! ..

Onion [ Allium cepa ] family Alliaceae is one of the most important  commercial vegetables. It is grown in western, northern as well as in southern India. Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Bihar are Major onion growing states in India.

India stands 2nd position in Onion production after China in the World. In India, Gujarat stands 2nd position in Onion cultivation after Maharashtra state. The productivity of Onion is 12580kg/Ha all over the India while In Gujarat state, the productivity is highest [ 22120 kg/ha ] .

Onion is a cool season crop. However it can be grown under a wide range of climatic conditions. It grows well under mild climate without extreme heat or cold or excessive rainfall. In areas where average annual rainfall exceeds 75-100 cm in the monsoon periods, it can be grown only as a summer crop.

The ideal temperature requirement of the onion crop is 12.8-21 C for growth development and 15.5-25 C for bulb development. Very low temperature in the early stages favors bolting, where as sudden rise in temperature favour early maturity in Rabi, resulting in small –sized bulbs.

Onion can be grown on all type of soils. However, Goradu, and medium black soils are best for its successful production. Good drainage, weeds free plots and presence of organic matter favor production of good crop. It cannot be grown in alkaline or low-lying marshy lands. The optimum pH is 5.8-6.5.
Here is how you can do it

Monday, September 16, 2013

Onion Production technology Production technology part-1 Dr.Ashraf Sahib...

Small Companies Thinking Big: China Tactical Strategies

Food Processing & Engineering-1

Market Intelligence - Food Processing Industry

Food Processing Industry in India is the largest among other sectors...Unlike in several leading food producing countries in the world, there is no updated and reliable source of information pertaining to the food processing sector such as on government policies, demand supply outlook, food standards etc.The process of obtaining information from existing industry agencies/bodies, even if
available, is tedious. Further, there is limited sharing of information across institutes/bodies collating data. Small and medium sized players are particularly at a disadvantage on account of lack of availability of information.
here are some links..
This is the Vision, Strategy and Action Plan for Food Processing Industries in India

Fast Food Industry potential

This is a very large Industry group constantly on the increase The Fast Food Restaurant Market is a growing industry relying heavily on the changing lifestyle patterns, population growth of the target age group and the related increase in employment of women. With today's hectic lifestyles, time-saving products are
increasingly in demand the most obvious being the fast food. The rate of growth in
consumer expenditures on fast food has led most other segments of the food-away-from home market for much of the last one decade.
Demand for convenience has driven expenditures where people want quick and convenient
meals; they do not want to spend a lot of time preparing meals, travelling to pick up meals,
or waiting for meals in restaurants. As a result, consumers rely on fast food. Knowing this,
fast food providers  are coming up with new ways to market their products that save time
for consumers. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Research on Indian Researchers

‘A Research on Indian Researchers’ was an initiative by, a collaborative
research platform that helps researchers discover and share knowledge with peers. The
survey was carried out with the aim to understand how research is carried out in India.
The analysis of the survey results identify key habits, practices and needs of
researchers in India
The intended audience of this document is anyone who is a creator or a user of
knowledge. The paper provides key information to the reader about various research
habits and challenges that the ones engaged with research face in their routine.
here is the full paper

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Survey Report on Consumer preferences on Chicken eating

Here is an interesting Report on the subject
There is good potential for Indian Companies in the field due to INR Value and problems of chicken diseases in China and other countries..
With almost one of five pounds of chicken being exported, a robust and expanding overseas market is critically important to the economic health and well-being of the U.S. chicken industry.  Importantly, chicken exports consist largely of leg quarters and other back-of-bird parts.  Unlike North American consumers who overwhelmingly prefer breast meat, world consumers greatly prefer dark meat.

Shrimp shortage leads to record high prices

Advantage India..
Shrimp prices are skyrocketing to all-time highs, amid a disease that’s plaguing the three largest prawn producers: Thailand, China and Vietnam. White shrimp prices are nearing $6 a pound, up 56% from a year ago, according to an Urner Barry index.
The world is facing an “acute shrimp shortage,” the worst of its kind since
Industrial shrimp farming emerged

Friday, August 16, 2013

MSME Sector let down?

Here is a news item..
featured insights :
The eight musts of public relations
Recent Stories
State Govt purchases from MSMEs declining
1 The Minister of State (Independent Charge) for MSMEs K. H Muniyappa informed Rajya Sabha on August...
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Growing demand for ‘Made in India’ toys rekindles growth prospects
2 Despite the influx of cheap Chinese products into the domestic market, the Indian toy industry is...
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Three key requirements for opening diagnostic lab
3 With an increasing incidence of lifestyle and chronic diseases there is a growing demand for...
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In conversation with

"The first and the biggest issue with surveys is periodicity. The solution lies in making it a more frequent exercise, which may not always be possible or desirable. However, administering surveys at least twice in a year if not more may be a workable option."
Ashok Grover,
Director, Skillscape
More Stories
How to convert dull surveys into good KPIs!
4 Surveys are used to collect perception data of employees, customers, public etc., where direct measurements are not possible. And since these are...
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Thursday, August 08, 2013

the best dairy farm in punjab India

Dairy Farming Products - Great potential in India

India is the largest producer of Milk - 133 million tonnes per year !
Milk powder exports from India is on the rise
This financial yeat the export of Milk powder will be from 15000 to 20,000 tonnes
Total dairy shipments will be of the order of 2500 Crores
Buyers are from Bangladesh,Sri Lanka,Egypt,Nigeria, Saudi Arabia
Recent product contaminations from New Zealand's Fonterra has been a advandage for Indian Exporters
Here are sources for business opportunities

Factoring and Invoice Discounting Guide from SME (Funny Alan Partridge I...

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Government may Ban export of ONION in the near future?

Onion Prices gives the nightmare not only to house-wives but also to the Governments of he Day !
Prices of onion have increased to Rs 45 to Rs 50 per kg in the retail market against Rs 20 per kg couple of weeks back. The price of onion had touched Rs 40 in retail markets in mid-July also but it had come down after supply was normalised.
Farmers of India take notice

Palladium business in Lime light

Demand is much more than the the prices are shooting up to USD 800 can go higher even to
USD 850 in the near future..however the supply situation is potentially very bullish for palladium..
Mining companies including Anglo American Platinum Ltd. (AMS) failed to keep pace with demand as strikes over pay disrupted pits across South Africa, the second-biggest producer. Total supply is contracting for the sixth time in nine years..
Explore getting into this Business

Demand for Cold Storages on the rise in India

This appears to be a very good project for now?
i)For a cpacity of 100 tons permonth, you need to invest about 25 Lakshs
For storage capacity of 100 tonnes, the size of the cold storage has to be around 150 square meters.
whereas non-storage area of 100 square meters. for office, utility room and guard room is sufficient
There are turnkey suppliers of cold storage plants. They undertake supply, erection as well as
complete electrification of the plant. The main requirements are reciprocating compressors
suitable for ammonia, induction motor, blowers, overhead perforated water pipes with tanks,
electric pump, piping, ducting and insulation and standby generator ...
ii)The project cost for setting up of 5000 MT Cold Storage may be in the range of Rs.350 - 400 lakh,
including cost of the land.
Location is a very critical aspect for the success of cold storage. It should be in close
proximity of growing area as well as market and at the same time should be easily accessible
for heavy vehicles round the year. Uninterrupted power supply is yet another pre-requisite.
Cold storage unit is eligible for subsidy of 25% of the project cost subject to a maximum of Rs.50 lakhs.
However, for the project situated in North Eastern States, maximum subsidy would be Rs.60 lakhs (33.33% of the project cost)

Ferric & Non-ferric ALUM for water treatment

Here are some details FOR QUICK REVIEW..
Bauxite lumps are crushed  fed to a closed circuit grinding mill in which it is further
reduced in size. The ground bauxite is fed at a regulated rate to digester containing sulphuric acid and water. The Al2O3 in bauxite reacts with Sulphuric Acid to form Aluminum Sulphate. The reacted mass is then led to a series of settlers in which the unreacted particles settle down. The liquor containing Aluminum Sulphate is evaporated in steam heated evaporators where the liquor is concentrated to final product containing 16-17% Al2O3. The product is cooled in moulds
Alums are usually the double salts of ammonium, potassium or sodium sulphate with aluminium, chromium or iron sulphate, and are readily prepared by concentrating and cooling a solution containing molecular proportions of the component sulphate. Ferric alum mainly used in paper sizing and in water treatment. Demand for ferric alum is arising for making water more soft for drinking and industrial uses. Present production of ferric alum is insufficient to satisfy the demand and supply. It provides good scope to many new units to enter in this industry.
Plant capacity: 30 Metric Tons per Day
Plant & machinery: INR 50.00 Lacs (roughly)
Working capital: INR 75 Lacs ( approximately)

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Managing Micronutrients

The Making of Pulp

Today Paper Mills are exploring the possibility of importing wood pulp from overseas
as the domestic prices are very high compared to international prices of USD 700/ton
Domestic prices are around INR 5000/Ton
Wood pulp availability is weak while the paper mills have happily expanded their capacities
to feed the hungry consumers of paper & products

The National Green Tribunal on Monday banned mining or removal of sand

The National Green Tribunal on Monday banned mining or removal of sand in India
Sand can also be Manufactured !
Manufactured sand, also called artificial sand, is being successfully used in the production of high quality concrete and asphalt around the world. Its superior shape puts it well within specifications imposed on sand for use in concrete production
Builders say Maharashtra alone requires close to 50000 sand trucks for construction purpose daily for more than 30 infrastructure projects and 3000 housing projects in Mumbai
There is lots of potential in India for the project of Manufactured sand ; here are details

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Coating on Plastic products

This is an Industry having very good potential..
  • There are three ways to coat plastics: electroplating, painting and PVD deposition
  • Exterior automotive components are often
    plated plastics, providing a lower weight option compared to traditional metal
    components. About 50 % of coatings are done on Automobile Parts
  • Plating on plastics is ideal for sanitary fittings that require durable and
    wear resistant coatings
  • About 25 % of consumer electronics need plating on plastics in one form or another

Monday, July 29, 2013

Geothermal Energy Projects

India has good potential for the development of this form of energy...but not much is done on the picture to know more

The data base on the project reveals very detailed analysis of the potentials..more

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sunday, July 21, 2013

CO2 Capture : Project Feasibility

There is a good presentation on the subject
According to the presentation,
In the case of amine based PCCC technologies, fairly good confidence has been generated in recent years to continouously bring down the unit cots of CO2
In all other cases, the cost figures are yet to reach commercially viable levels..
The full presentation is here
Read more about the project feasibility
About Evaluation of Industrial Projects, click here

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Zinc stearate production

here is a new project information just compiled..
Zinc stearate is primarily used in pharmaceutical formulations as
a lubricant in tablet and capsule manufacture at concentrations up to
1.5% w/w. It has also been used as a thickening and opacifying agent in cosmetic and pharmaceutical creams, and as a dusting powder..more here

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Zein Protein

ZEIN PROTEIN is expensive and in demand as Currently, zein can be extracted from corn gluten meal, a by-product of the wet milling process. However, current extraction and purification technologies are such that the price of zein limits current market applications. Yet, there are several technology companies/institutions currently working to develop an economically viable extraction and/or purification process. more..please see

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

IOC achieves breakthrough in use of non-edible oil

Interesting News indeed ..
State-owned Indian Oil Corp (IOC) on Monday said it has developed technology that will help advance the use of non-edible oil extracted from plants like jatropha (bio-diesel) in auto fuels. "IOC has successfully developed and commercialised a technology to co-process non-edible vegetable oil in the existing Diesel Hydrotreating (DHDT) units of a petroleum refinery to make bio-diesel," the company said in a statement. This is first time in India, and possibly the first in the world, when jatropha oil has been used for co-processing in a petroleum refinery. Also Read: Oil ministry recommends natural gas price hike to $6.7 This technology for co-processing of jatropha oil has been developed by IOC's R&D centre of located at Faridabad. The company termed this as a "major technological breakthrough that can be a game changer for advancing use of bio-diesel in the country and ensuring ready acceptance of the fuel by the automobile industry"
more here

Dore is a bar of semi-purified gold that mines produce from ore. It contains 92-95% gold, the rest being silver and copper.

Here is an excellent Business Opportunity..
The recent Reserve Bank of India (RBI) directive that banks can importgold on consignment basis for genuine exports has opened a door for the entry of gold dore bars, which have less than 95% gold content.
Bullion traders say the refining of these impure gold bars will be a new line of business in India and jewellers may also look at setting up refineries to ensure a steady supply of the metal...more

Pharmaceutical Excipients

What do we know about it? ...Pharmaceutical dosage forms contain both pharmacologically
active compounds and excipients added to aid the formulation
and manufacture of the subsequent dosage form for administration
to patients.
The properties of the final dosage form  are,  highly
dependent on the excipients chosen, their concentration and
interaction with both the active compound and each other ..see
More details

To know List of Pharmaceutical Excipients, companies manufacturing them..
send a

Finding Buyers for your chemicals world wide

One of the ways to sell your products is through well established distributors in the domestic and international markets.
There is a directory of one hundred chemical distributors compiled during 2009
The name, web site address & brief profiles are contained in the directory
Those interested may send emailto:   OR


Friday, May 03, 2013

Acesulfame potassium

Acesulfame Potassium is an artificial sweetner.
This is of interest to Entrepreneurs...
Applications in Pharmaceutical Formulation or Technology :
Acesulfame potassium is used as an intense sweetening agent in
cosmetics, foods, beverage products, table-top sweeteners, vitamin
and pharmaceutical preparations, including powder mixes, tablets,
and liquid products. It is widely used as a sugar substitute in
compounded formulations,(1) and as a toothpaste sweetener.(2)
The approximate sweetening power is 180–200 times that of
sucrose, similar to aspartame, about one-third as sweet as sucralose,
one-half as sweet as sodium saccharin, and about 4-5 times sweeter
than sodium cyclamate.(3) It enhances flavor systems and can be
used to mask some unpleasant taste characteristics
How is acesulfame potassium made?
Acesulfame potassium is made from a process that involves the transformation of an organic
intermediate, acetoacetic acid, and its combination with the naturally occurring mineral,
potassium, to form a highly stable, crystalline sweetener.
If you like to know List of companies manufacturing this product, the product specifications,
Patents on the subject, market scenario, FDA Opimion etc, get back to me and

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Synthetic Wheat

  • Synthetic wheat is obtained as a result of a cross between a tetraploid specie, Triticum durum, and a diploid one, Aegilops tauschi, following by an artificial duplication of the genome by colchicine.
  • Synthetic wheat is made by intercrossing modern tetraploid durum wheat with derivatives of goat grass to recreate the natural hybridization made thousands of years ago that resulted in modern hexaploid bread wheat.
  • Synthetic wheats also appear to be resistant to a large number of major wheat pests and diseases.
  • Fortunately, some of the synthetic wheats are highly resistant to this new strain, but whether this is due to major or minor genes is not known.
  • These primary synthetic wheats are then further crossed to conventional hexaploid lines and form derived synthetic wheats.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


  • Fermium (Fm)  is a rare earth element with atomic weight 257 which has melting point 1800K.
  • Eighth discovered transuranium element in the actinide series.
  • An element 254Fm and its heavier isotopes can be produced by intense neutron irradiation of lower elements such as plutonium using a process of successive neutron capture interspersed with beta decays until these mass & atomic numbers are reached.
  • After Production, fermium is separated from other actinides & from lanthanoid fission products by ion exchange chromatography.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Baby Corn

  • Fresh baby corn has a crisp texture and a subtle, slightly sweet corn flavor.
  • Although almost all the baby corn found in the United States is pickled or canned and imported from Asia, fresh baby corn is easy to grow in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Baby corn is no longer a delicacy or specialty food reserved for salad bars and Asian restaurants; it is a locally produced delicious treat to eat raw or cooked in many recipes.
  • Baby corn’s miniature size makes consumers think that it grows from dwarf corn plants, but the tiny ears of baby corn are simply immature ears from regular-sized corn plants.
  • Specialty varieties are available for baby corn production, but baby corn can also be harvested from many common corn varieties.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Ground Minerals

  • Ground minerals act as a main raw materials in various major glass and ceramic industries such minerals are quart, ball day, calcite, limestone, dolomite etc.
  • Process flow chart describes extracting of ground minerals includes 1.Rawmaterial crushing 2.Grinding 3. screening 4.Testing 5.Packing and 6. Despatch.
  • Large sized rocks are hammered and mineral pieces are crushed then minerals are passed through magnetic separator to remove iron particles and packed as per grade & size.
  • Machinery includes in extracting ground minerals are jaw crusher, Pulverizer, Edge Runner Miller, Magnetic Separator, Wheel Barrows, Belt Conveyors and testing equipments.
  • Total Capital Investment required for installation of mineral plant which cost upto Rs.20,00,000 and 80% utilize for machinery.

Industrial Minerals

Industrial Minerals have good prospects
There is a good presentation recently made on Industrial Minerals here
Here are salient features of the Industry..

  • India produces as many as 84 minerals comprising 4 fuel, 11 metallic, 49 nonmetallic industrial and 20 minor minerals.
  • In many parts of the world, particularly in developing countries, minerals are extracted by artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) – by people working with simple tools and equipment, usually in the informal sector, outside the legal and regulatory framework
  • Mica, Barytes, Kyanite, Sillimanite, Chromite, Coal, Lignite, Talc, Steatite, Pyrophylite, Bauxite, Iron Ore, Manganese are some of the minerals of India
  • Many incentives & Supports by Governments are offered to domestic & Foreign Companies
  • The overall changes occurring during the past 10 years or so had some discernible impact on rationalizing, regulating and expanding existing mining activities and promoting new ventures within the mining sector and as such to some extent also on the sub-sector of Small-Scale Mining.
  • Miner minerals with good potentials are Granite, Laterite, Marble Ochre, Quartz, Sandstone, Slate, Lime Stone & many others .. to know more click here

Silk Worm farm

Silk Industry is profitable and has good potential..The annual production of silk in the world is estimated at 45,000 tonnes of which Japan and China contribute 18,936 and 13,200 tonnes respectively. South Korea, USSR and India are the other leading sericultural countries in the world. Among the developing countries, India enjoys a very favorable position for doubling the present status of of silk production of 2,969 tonnes owing to the low cost of Labour. Of the total production of 2,969 tonnes of silk in India, as much as 2,445 tonnes is produced by the mulberry silkworms, Bombyx mori.

Silkworm culture becomes more Profitable

Here is a development that gives a boost to Silkworm farming..
With cocoon prices spiralling, the price of raw silk too has gone up. Silk prices have risen around 15 per cent over the last three months, from Rs 2,400 to Rs 2,800 a kg
The demand-supply gap is another reason for the climbing prices. Mulberry cultivation has been hit, due to the failure of the North-West monsoon in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
The cocoons, raw material for silk, is selling at Rs 300 a kg.
Six months ago, it was selling  for just Rs 150

read more about the Industry


  • The species name of jalapenos is Capsicum annuum.
  • Jalapenos are also called gorda, bola, acorchado, morita and candelaria peppers.
  • The jalapeƱo or jalapeno is a medium-sized chili pepper.
  • Jalapeno peppers are a good source of vitamin C, folate and vitamin A.
  • Jalapeno peppers are good for the lungs as they help to clear congestion.
  • Jalapeno also provides minerals and antioxidants to support a healthy body.
  • Jalapenos are also a minor source of vitamin E and most of the B complex of vitamins.
  • They are low fat, saturated fat free, cholesterol free, and sodium free.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rubber Particles

  • Rubber particles (RP) are colloidal components present in natural rubber latex and it comprise 30–45% of the whole latex volume.
  • The major rubber particles protein of 24 kDa has been suggested to be tightly associated with small rubber particles as well as also involved in rubber biosynthesis.
  • The two major proteins that are tightly associated with the catalytically active rubber particles have been sequenced to be peroxidase  and trypsin inhibitor.
  • The rubber particle is where the rubber biosynthesis occurs, and it consists of a lipophilic cis-polyisoprene core surrounded by monolayer membrane of lipids and several proteins.

Indian yogurt industry to grow to INR 1200 cr by 2015: Assocham

The yogurt Industry in India is one of the very promising today
With growth rate of 40 to 45 % according to study by Assocham...Types of yogurt such as drinking yogurt may compete with flavoured milk drinks and fruit/vegetable juice, while fruit-based spoonable yogurt may emerge as competition for ice cream as a dessert...

"The demand of frozen yogurt market sees growth of 70 to 80 per cent each year over the next three years. Several health-conscious mothers and youngsters are switching to frozen/flavoured yogurt from drinks or ice cream. Consumption in India still stands at a nascent 0.3 kg per capita every year as compared to 17.8 kg in France," the ASSOCHAM paper added.

The frozen yogurt segment is being eyed by big players like Amul, Mother Dairy and Nestle in the price segment of Rs  18-20 for a 100 ml cup of yogurt. Further, premium brands like Red Mango and Cocoberry are also trying to capture the growing market.
Entrepreneurs can look for trade technology project information at

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Pharmaceutical Film coating

  • The coating of solid pharmaceutical dosage forms began in the ninth century B.C., with the Egyptians.
  • At that time the primary solid dosage form was the pill, a hand-shaped spherical mass containing drug, sugar, and other diluents. A variety of materials were used to coat pills, such as talc, gelatin, and sugar.
  • Gold and silver were also used.
  • The candy-making industry was the first to develop and enhance the art of coating. It is most likely that the pharmaceutical industry adopted sugar coating technology for its own use.