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Saturday, March 04, 2017

Gelatin Industry Today

 Cheaper raw materials, relaxed regulations favor to
Indian gelatin makers
Crushed bone is the major raw material for ossein and gelatin production, and the industry consumes around 18,000 tonnes of this raw material every month. Gelatin finds application mainly in the healthcare and processed food sector
With gelatin and ossein prices in the global market weakening and the increasing trend in the crushed bone price in India affects the Industry
As the availability of good quality crushed bones at a reasonable cost is critical for the competitiveness of the domestic ossein and gelatin industry, the government has allowed imports. For the gelatin industry, raw material costs constitute almost 50-55 per cent of the total cost
The global price of crushed bone is under Rs.25/kg, whereas Indian prices today hover around Rs.28-30, which itself is a sharp drop from last year’s nearly Rs.35/kg