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Saturday, October 15, 2005

AMLA - Phyllanthus Emblica

The Industry @ a Glance
Botanical name: Phyllanthus emblica
Common names(s): Amla, Indian Gooseberry
Ayurvedic name: Amla
Plant part used: Fruit and leaf
Amla powder & Oil are used traditionally in Ayurvedic applications for the treatment of the scalp.
Amla or Emblica officinalis or Phyllanthusemblica is a small genus of trees, native of India, Srilanka, Malaysia and China. It is known as adiphala, dhatri and amalaka in Sanskrit, amla in Hindi or Bengali, amali in Gujrati, amalakamu and usirikai in Telugu, nelli in Tamil, Kanada and Malayalam.
Amla is a critical component of triphala, a known ayurvedic formulation used as laxative and treating biliousness.
The dried fruit is a detergent and is used as a shampoo.
The plant extracts are so versatile in utility that many companies dealing in traditional medicines use amla in their products
The fruit is mainly marketed in Mumbai, Amritsar, Kolkata, Delhi, Hydrebad and Patna markets.
Pratapgarh near Faizabad in UP contributes to nearly 80 per cent of the total amla production in the country.
The fruit from Tamil Nadu finds its way to the Mumbai market, apart from being marketed at Chennai, Bangalore and Kochi.
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Friday, October 14, 2005

Business Opportunities in Pongamia Seeds

The demand for the traditional Pongamia tree—today at the level of 5 million saplings—is growing fast as innovative new uses for it are being discovered.
As the trees grow they sequester carbon. Oil is extracted from the seeds of the tree, which resemble almonds, in the village oil mill installed by a local government agency.
The oil substitutes for fuel oil replacing tree cutting for fuel-wood, and the left over oil cake substitutes for chemical fertilizer on the villagers’ FarmsAn oil mill in Powerguda village extracts oil from the seeds of Pongamia pinnata that produces oil from which electricity is generated and power pumps are run.
Oil from pongamia, a native tree species, substitutes petroleum diesel, a fossil fuel, and lowers carbon emission substantially.
Read about the business opportunites here

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

What Secrets Do Successful Entrepreneurs Know That You Don't?

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Menthol information

Dear Sir,

Brief About Us:

We are a renowned group of companies by the name of "Himachal Wire Group of companies" primarily into Steel & Wire Manufacturing, Food Processing, Software Development and the very rapidly growing ISP/Telecom/Data-centre in North India. We have the following companies under our umbrella:

1. Himachal Wire Industries Pvt. Ltd. (Wire Manufacturing Industry)2. Himachal Steels & Wires (Steel Wire Manufacturing Industry)3. Swastik Food Products (Food Processing)4. Conjoinix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (ISP/Telecom, Data-centre & Software Development)

We are interested in the whole process for manufacturing of menthol oil, crystals and its bi-products. Request you to please send the Table of content of the CD, as discussed along with your company profile, clients list and other related material. Also, please write on what & how the CD will help us.

Looking forward to hear from you,

Thanks and warm regards,
Nitish Mahajan
Managing Director
Conjoinix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
InstaXS Internet & Hosting Services,
SCO 91-92-93, Third Floor, Sub-City Centre, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh - 160 022
Phone : +91-172-5017541, 5003541

Dear Sir
Glad to see your mail & thank you !
Nice to know about your Group of Companies.
As i mnetioned to you on phone, please see our clients list at
Contents of CD ROM are as in our web pages @
However, we are also emailing the Content page from
the CD separately.
The CD ROM is priced at Rs.7500/-Additonal Information & Updates if needed over & above given in the CDwill be charged extra & we shall offer quote for the same upon requestafter you have studied the contents of the CD.Before ordering the CD, PLEASE read

You need to pay Rs.7500/- ( Seven thousands five hundred only) in the form of Demand draft, payable at any bank in Chennai, in favour of Primary Information Services & post it to reach at

Primary Information Services
21 Murugappan St, SwamyNagar Ext2, Ullagaram, Chennai - 600091 India

Email us, once you posted the Demand Draft.On receipt of payment we shall send you the CD ROM by Courier within three days to reach your desk. Email us YOUR Postal Address to send you the CD please !
Best Wishes
21 Murugappan Street, Swamy Nagar Ext2, Ullagaram, Chennai - 600091India.
Phone: 91 - 44 - 22421080
Fax : 91 - 44 - 22423753

Carbon Credits

Carbon Credits
How to identify Emerging Business Opportunities in Projects under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) ?
Carbon credits are proof of having reduced one metric tonne of CO2-equivalentEmission reduction targets are decided under the Kyoto Protocol.Projects should result in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
The Clean Development Mechanism strives to combine the different interests of developed and developing nations, all the while respecting the effort of global climate protection.
Developed countries have the potential to gain greenhouse gas emission credits at costs significantly lower than taking domestic action, while developing countries gain access to new energy technologies and an implicit transfer of know-how.
As long as bureaucratic complications in the verification, validation and crediting process do not weigh down the process, the CDM has the potential to make a significant contribution to greenhouse gas reduction efforts and sustainable development.
Click to Read details on how to earn Carbon Credits !

Friday, September 16, 2005

Business Opportunities in Hydrocolloids

What is it ?
The word ‘hydrocolloids’ or water soluble gums means range of polysaccharides and proteins that are widely used in a variety of industrial sectors to perform a number of functions including thickening and gelling aqueous solutions, stabilizing foams, emulsions and dispersions, inhibiting ice and sugar crystal formation and the controlled release offlavors, and so on
Food Industry
Gelling fruit systems, stabilizing dressings and sauces , protein stabilization in acidified dairy beverages, water binding in meat, stabilizing ice cream .
International organizations such as the FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission and the EU are seeking to harmonies regulations for the use of hydrocolloids, but differences still exist. Consequently, relevant legislation should be consulted before using hydrocolloids in food products.
Personal Care : Toothpaste, Dental fixatives
Pharmaceutical Industry
Oral suspensions, emulsions and syrups Ophthalmic compositions , Sustained release tablets , Lotions and creams ,Ostomy and wound care products, Tablet coatings ,Enteral / parenteral nutrition ,Infant formula ,Weight management , Anti-diarrhea preparations , wound dressing
Paper Industry : used for paper & board coating, surface sizing
Oil & Gas Drilling : Used as water based drilling muds
Textile Industry
Warp sizing, use as a thickener in textile printing pastes with reactive and disperse dyes
Ceramic Industry
Used to improve plasticity and green strength in the bodies, as a temporary binder in refractories, as a stabilizer, thickener and binder in glazes
Functions as a soil-suspending "anti-redeposition" agent in powder detergent formulas
Many other uses
Use as a thickener in water-based emulsion paints, use as wallpaper adhesives, proven to be an excellent binder and thickener for various building products such as plasters and joint compounds, Air freshener gels , Chalk and pencil lead Auto polish , Coal briquettes ,Batteries , Electric cables Bricks , Leather substitute Carbon black slurries , Play dough , toys Carpet backing compounds , Protein recovery for animal feed ,Cattle feed , Shoe polish
There are many market development initiatives taking place in India & other countries.
Market Survey Reports by Reputed Consultancy companies are available but are expensive
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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Neem enquiry

Atul Ajmera <>
cc SundaraRajan Margabandu <>
Subject Re: Neem Oil technology
Dr Mr M Sundarajan,
I have in my back of mind about the CDs and the liturature present in it. But I am looking to extract karanja, neem and castor in single plant though with minor modificaton. Thus the information I need in the CD should be in line and modified to meet my needs, unlike the present literature. CD should have literature with respect to all three in single plant and all common machinery with feasibility study.
I am residing in Marathwada region of Maharashtra state of india. In my region there is ample amount of production of neem, karanja, castor etc. I am chemical engineer by the background and now i am looking to enter into production of the oil from the above name seeds.
I wanted your help to understand more about the above crops and the production technologies and the machinery required. Kindly do me a favour by providing me the details of the same. I also wanted to know can i extract all the oil in same plant? As all the crops are the seasonal and in this way i can utilize the production plant for the whole year.
1. I am loooking for extracting (cold press) oil from neem , karanja and castor seeds in the same plant.2. As all the products are seasonal and to utilize the total capacity of the plant i am looking for it. (Capacity of about say 20 tonns of seed per day)3. For your information i have seen this type of plant (where karanj and neem oil are extracted by batch process but i am not sure if castor oil can be also produced in the same plant) still from you wanted to know the feasibility of the plant4. I wanted your help to understand more about the above crops and the production technologies and their specific applications. Kindly do me a favour by providing me the details of the same.
Looking forward for your reply and to know details about the plant where all the 3 oils can be extracted (may be with minor modifications).

atul ajmera

Glad to see your mail & thank you.We have database on Neem, Karanja & Castor seed Oil - Machinery used areCold Press & Solvent extraction.All the Oils can be extracted from same Machinery- but the end use will be not for human consumption.We can provide you with all the information - Extraction, machinery details, suppliersof Plant & Machinery and abovt the crops and the production technologies and their specific applicationsAll the Information will be compiled in a CD ROM & sent to you by Courier

conversation with a client

Dear Madam/Sir:
God day! I am Ma. Shiela S. Saet. Can you send me an information about pectin from pomelo. Kindly include some information on how pectin can be made into a useful products using a simple process. Thank you.
Dear Ma. Shiela S. Saet
Here is what we found :Grapefruit peel is candied and is an important source of pectin for the preservation of other fruits. The peel oil, expressed or distilled, is commonly employed in soft-drink flavoring, after the removal of 50% of the monoterpenes. The main ingredient in the outer peel oil is nookatone. Extracted nookatone, added to grapefruit juice powder, enhances the flavor of the reconstituted juice. Naringin, extracted from the inner peel (albedo), is used as a bitter in "tonic" beverages, bitter chocolate, ice cream and ices. It is chemically converted into a sweetener about 1,500 times sweeter than sugar. After the extraction of naringin, the albedo can be reprocessed to recover pectin.
To know more, take a look at
with best wishes

Dear M. SundaraRajan
Thank you for the information you've sent to me.
Could you hep me again sending information if a carrot juice can treat skin diseases.
Thank you.
shiela saet

Dear Shiela
Nice to hear from you again - how r u?
Take a look at
you may find answer for your question !

Dear friend,
I am looking for a scholarship abroad in any country, an scholarship applicable for a science teacher.
Could you help me again?
Thank you

Dear Shiela
did you see this page ?
Click on these links...and see
If these pages are not helpful, we shall explore more pages? !regards

karaya gum rings for ostomy bags

Dear sirs
We are evaluating the developement of a new product: karaya gum rings for ostomy bags.
Would you please quotate all this material?
Please send ASAP
Thanking you very much for your attention hereon
Best regards}
CanteroSales Manager
TEL: 4454-8523 / 4652-0405E-MAIL

Dear Sir
We only provide information Services.
Enclosed please find a list of Suppliers to contact.
with best wishes


Dear Shri Sundararajan,
On seeing the actual contents of the CD sent, I am ofthe opinion that lot more efforts should be put in formaking a worthy CD on Contract Farming. Contents do not add much to what we already have collected from the net.


Dear Dr.Sreedhar
Glad to know you got the CD ROM.
Thanks for the feedback.
We would request you to send list of questions on whichyou would like to have additional data from the Internet.
Please email us at your convenience - we shall search & send you answers to your questions - or shall inform youwhere you can find the answers.
with best wishes

Dear Shri Sundararajan,
Thanks for taking my feedback in the right spirit.
I shall get back to you in due course.

Sreedhar <>

Starting Beauty Clinics

Dear Sir,
Plz be informed that,I would like to introduce a new business in beauty care category with full set up like beauty products, beauty saloons, fitness centers, beauty institions and so on in Bangladesh.Therefore I would like to get not only the Executive Summery and Feasibility Report.But also the entire research and costing for 1 no.cosmatic plant and 10 no. beauty saloons and 10 fitness centers in Bangladesh(all will be covered by modern technology).I would like to get the costing for all types of Skin care, Body care, lip care, hair care and son on product with different size and furmula.I mean I would like to get the entire information support to establist 1 no.manufacturing plant, 10 nos. beauty saloons and 10 nos, fitness cenetrs in Bangladesh.In this regards, what kind of support I would get from you and what will be your time to complete the report and what will be your charge? Say for I just have a business plan in my mind and I would like to make it into reality through you by all necessery information providing by you in due time.Hope you got my point.Looking your assistance.

Thank you in anticipation.

AKM Masud Alam

Dear Sir
Glad to see your mail & thank you.
We have two model feasibility reports on Beauty Clinic & Fitness Club.
The Reports will serve as samples and need to be re done to suit
your Business Plan & current prevailing prices and other factors.
Please see other terms of our services at
Here are some more details about the two reports
1.Pre-Feasibility Study on Beauty ClinicProject BriefThe proposed project entails setting up a beauty clinic. Being one of the major players inservice sector, beauty clinics provide a wide range of services relating to beautytreatment for women and men. These services range from threading, facial and haircut tocomplex and more professional services like electrolysis, permanent make-up, diet andskin related consultations provided by qualified dieticians and dermatologists (skinspecialists). The proposed beauty clinic will provide all these services under one roof.
2.Pre-Feasibility Study on Health & Fitness ClubProject briefA health and fitness club provides services to its members to improve their physicalcondition or appearance through exercise. The proposed health and fitness club willprovide the indoor facilities of Gymnasium, indoor sports like table tennis, snookerand a refreshment center etc. to male and female members and will offerprofessional instruction (personal training). Project should be centrally located within a residential town to provide easy access to inhabitants.

with best wishes
Fax :91-44-22423753

Citric Acid

this is sha mari, a Microbiology student from the Philippines. i have to research on citric acid and i was hoping you know the answers to these questions: 1. why are monosaccharides such as glucose and galactose not usually used in citric acid production despite the fact that they are easily utilizable? why are molasses the most appropriate substrate medium for citric acid production? 2. among the trace elements that are critical to product yield, which is favorable to citric acid accumulation? Thank you so much! I'm hoping to get a reply from you as soon as possible.

Dear Sheryll
Interesting questions !
Did you see my page @ ?
Find answers @
more questions?
you are welcome
Best wishes

Photo Developing and Printing Lab

Photo Developing and Printing Lab(Digital Technology)

The photo printing and developing business comes under service sector and it providesvariety of services like developing, printing, enlarging, framing, mounting of photographsand sale of cameras & photo accessories (i.e. flash, film rolls, albums, camera batteries,camera bags etc.). Moreover a studio will also be established along with the shop and lab,where clients can have there snaps exposed.

Sample Project Report for starting a Day Care Center

The SAMPLE project is about starting a Day Care Center for infants and children of age up to 5. The proposed plan is to offer programs ranging from Infant Care for infants of more than 6 months ofage to Kindergarten for children of age up to 5 years.
The study provides information regarding investment opportunity for setting up a Day CareCenter.
Such a project is feasible for metropolitan citiesBut initial market research/survey would be required to identify its need.
It is just a you an to read it ?
more details,

Products for Solar Energy

SOLKER INDUSTRIES LIMITED, was started in the year 1985, by Mr.K.E.RAGUNAATHAN, an engineer with specialization in the field of solar energy, as a first generation entrepreneur. The company has its manufacturing facility at AMBATTUR INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, CHENNAI, INDIA. Initially, the company was started for manufacturing of SOLAR WATER HEATING SYSTEMS for domestic and Industrial use. The company is proud to secure the first ISI certification of the product in the country in the private sector and has installed nearly about 45000 square feet of solar collectors in the field in the last 20 years covering various domestic and industrial applications.
This company is looking for Dealers at towns in India - as per The company advertisement in The Hindu today.
Entrepreneurs who can invest about 2.5 laks of Rupees can expect to earn Rs.50,000/- per month if they take the promise goes..!
See their web site at

Marshall Field, entrepreneur

"Those who enter to buy, support me. Those who come to flatter, please me. Those who complain, teach me how I may please others so that more will come. Only those hurt me who are displeased but do not complain. They refuse me permission to correct my errors."


Today and in the future, companies that succeed will be those that know how to manage knowledge faster than competitors. It isn't a question of getting new information. It's the ability to extract information from your existing business, to see trends and insights faster than your competition.
Louis V. Gerstner Jr.,IBM Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Nepal Department of Cottage and Small Industry is one of the oldest government organizations established under the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies. Considering the industrial and economic base and geography, government has accorded the highest priority on cottage industriesThe main objectives of this department are:
To promote Cottage and Small Industries
To facilitate the enterprise through effective and efficient industrial administration By: Ministry of industry, commerce and supplies (Govt. Of Nepal )
Mushroom Cultivation and Processing:
Mushroom is a distinct vegetable. People, all over the world have become aware of the nutrient values of mushroom, and hence the demand for mushroom, and hence the demand for mushroom domestically as well as for export market is expanding. Mushrooms are mainly of three varieties viz., Oyster mushroom, paddy straw mushroom and white button mushroom. Oyster variety of mushrooms can be grown on a wide variety of inexpensive subtracts containing lignin and cellulose. Paddy straw mushrooms are grown on the paddy straw. Button mushrooms are cultivated over quality compost at a temperature of 15 to 17mdegrees centigrade. Processing of mushrooms involves preservation, pickling, dehydration and canning
NEED more data ? go to !
The INSME is designed to work as a hub of networks and structures of services aimed at strengthening and enhancing the dissemination and quality of information, the service supply and the partnership opportunities for SMEs. The INSME should pursue these objectives mainly through the creation and the use of an Internet portal. This portal will aim at networking the service providers with their users, as the existing service providers already existing at international, national and regional level do not often interact with their customers and among each other sufficiently.
MORE details are at
For SSI units which have resource constraints but need to compete for global and domestic business opportunities with larger adoption of IT tools to enhance their efficiency and productivity, market accessibility and cost effectiveness is a business imperative today. Bar coding has been in use extensively for the past 25 years worldwide and is now finding increase usage as well across industry sector. Recognised the importance of bar coding O/o DC(SSI), Ministry of Small Scale Industries, Govt. of India has notified an attractive financial assistance scheme for registered small scale and tiny sector industries wide their notification No.10(6)/2000-EP&M dt.27th Nov., 2001 for adoption of international numbering systems in bar coding and E-commerce applications w.e.f. Ist January 2002. As per the scheme SSI/tiny sector units who have adopted bar code on or after Ist January, 2002 are now eligible to get the financial assistance of 75% of the one time registration fee payable to EAN India. Further, it was also decided that SSI/tiny units who got registered for bar coding during the previous year i.e. on or after 01.1.01 will also be eligible for reimbursement of 75% of their one time registration fee.
The detailed SSI scheme with the relevant registration forms are available on our website at: or and also at EAN India's website All the SSI/tiny units are advised to apply for it at the earliest and avail of this financial assistance.
Project SENET bags Golden Icon Award
SENET bags the Golden Icon award for the "Best documented resource and case study" in the Professional category. The Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances recognizes excellence in implementing e-Governance initiatives in an exemplary manner to Organizations and Institutions, through these awards. The award was received by Mr. G. R. Akadas, Deputy Director, SENET on behalf of Ministry of SSI, GOI at a glittering function in Bhubneshwar on Feb. 03, 2005.
More on SENET ...
Small Entrepreneurs in Andhra Pradesh Sick units are over 38 per cent of the total small industries set up in the state - Hyderabad September 09, 2005 Industrial sickness is rampant in the small-scale industrial sector (SSI) of Andhra Pradesh. Sick SSIs account for over 38 per cent of the total small industries set up in the state so far. As many as 38,582 units out of the 1,01,499 SSIs established have become sick and closed their operations. The state capital which has the maximum number of sick SSIs. In contrast, the backward Karimnagar district in the Telangana region of the state has the least percentage (17 per cent) of sickness among the SSIs. Of the 3,352 SSIs set up in Karimnagar, 583 units have been closed down so far. If we compare the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)’s data for 1999 to 2002 with the latest figures, the sickness among the SSIs in the state is growing. As per the study conducted by the Federation of Andhra Pradesh Small Industries Associations and AP SSI Centre, in collaboration with Sandilya Consultants Private Ltd, the causes of sickness are technological obsolescence, inadequate marketing efforts and facilities, lack of infrastructure, paucity of working capital, managerial inadequacies and delay in settlement of receivables. The main focus of the study was the implementation of the AP Small Scale Industry Revival Scheme. The scheme came into effect from June 25, 2001. It is targeted at SSIs with over Rs 5 lakh investments in plant and machinery but turned sick. The study reveals that, despite the well meaning efforts of the state government, the rehabilitation scheme did not draw any positive response either from the financing institutions or from the Sales Tax and other government departments. “No financing institution has sponsored even a single unit. In fact, our discussions with the financing institutions revealed that the banks branches are not aware of the existence of the scheme,” the study report, submitted last year, pointed out. The study also examines the causes of incipient (beginning) sickness in SSIs. It points out that there are instances where enterprises are born sick due to poor planning, delays in appraisal, sanction of limits from the financing institutions and lack of understanding of emerging markets on the part of the government supporting agencies and financing institutions. Analysis of the case studies of firms that have become sick reveals that most of the units faced problems with financing institutions. For a few units, sickness was due to market conditions, management problems and problem with government agencies. Delayed payment was the main cause of sickness in the case of one unit.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

GherkinsInformation Compilation on CD ROM
Gherkins, like other processed vegetables from the group of pickles, are mainly eaten together with meat and meat products, either as a side-dish or in sandwiches.
Gherkins are available in different seasonings and sizes and reflect the variations in taste of European consumers.
The German "Gurken", for example, are larger in size than the "cornichons" available in France and are also marketed in slices. The seasoning is "sweet-and-sour", whereas the gherkins sold in France usually do not contain any added sugar and are sold whole.
There are six different sizes of gherkins available on the market, with the smaller sizes mostly available through retail outlets and the larger used in the food industry and the catering sector.
The Agri Export Zones for gherkins covering the districts of Rangareddy, Mahabubnagar, Warangal, Karimnagar, Nalgonda and Anantapur accounted for an export of 12,000 tonnes of gherkins, worth Rs 29.5 crore, during the 2005 season.
Read Business Opportunities in Gherkins here

Botanical name: Coleus Forskohlii -Labiatate
Coleus forskohlii is a member of the mint family.
Other names: Pashanbad ,Makkari beru , Patther Chur , Pashan Bhedi , Mainmul, Karpuravali
There are more than 150 species of the plant
Coleus is a well known Ayuvedic herb that can help support overall vitality and wellbeing.
Coleus forskohlii grows wild on the mountain slopes of Nepal, India, and Thailand
Cultivated in Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Mharastra, Rajastan and Karnataka
There are many companies manufacturing, exporting these products from India
Coleus contains a substance calledforskolin which has been found to stabilize the cells that release histamine and other inflammatory compounds. Forskolin increases the levels of the cellular messengercyclic Adenosine Monophosphate (cAMP) which is a major regulator of fat-burning enzymes and a messenger that reacts with certain hormones to direct metabolic changes inside cells. Therefore, it has been chosen as a herb of choice in replacing ephedra and mahuang for weight loss.
Safety Issues are Important
Take a look at Business opportunites information at

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Sooner the better - for getting Bangalored !

Start entrepreneurship Early

The time is ripe for becoming entrepreneurs !
Whether in India or USA or for that matter it has become difficult to hold on to jobs as you grow older
The companies, big & small want young employees who can work faster & better !

Monday, August 29, 2005

Thanks in advance for those who visited the site & made comments !

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Global Marketfor Essential Oils :
There are 300 firms in the flavoring and fragrance industry worldwide. The top six international companies control 60% of the world sales about 14 Billion USD. The United States is the largest user of essential oils. The demand for essential oils is increasing, and the major reason is the growing popularity of aromatherapy.
Brokers, Distributors, Processors, Wholesalers play Key role & their database is available. Market Survey Reports, Company Database, Trade Portals of Internet facilitate Buyer & Seller to transact business easily.
Contents of CD ROM
Technology Information
Essential Oils overview
Steam Distillation, Solvent Extraction & Supercritical CO2 Process Details
Gas Chromatography
Technology Offers
Technology Companies
Equipment Suppliers
Suppliers of Steam Distillation Plants
Suppliers of Solvent Extraction Plants
Suppliers of Supercritical CO2 Extraction Plants
Order the CD ROM Today
India is the largest producer & exporter of Chilies in the world. Right now the prospects are excellent as Bumper crops are expected as against Crop failures in China & Pakistan.
Exports during September 2003: 4000 Tonnes ( 20 crores)
Exports during September 2004: 12500 Tonnes ( 45 crores)
Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu & Karnataka are the main producers of Chilies in India
There is excellent Business Opportunities in processing Chiles (Capsicum) to produce value added products & export to world markets
Read Business Opportunities in Processing Capsicum
About Furfural Industry
A biodegradable chemical produced from agricultural wastes such as corn cobs, oat and rice husks, and sugar cane bagasse
Use: synthesis of various chemical compounds such as Oil Paints, Lacquers, tetrahydrofuran, antibacterial preparations, urea furan
Products Synthesized from Furfural: furfuryl alcohol, Tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol, Furan, Furoic acid, 2-metilfuran (sylvan), Furoin, Furfurylamine, Maleic anhydride, Succinic acid
World's Largest Producer & Consumer : USA
Comprehensive Information Services on the Subject for Entrepreneurs world wide.
Order the CD ROM Today !
World Trade in Coir & Products:
About 5000 million Dollars worth of Coir & Products are traded in the world markets.Germany, USA, UK, Japan, Italy, Netherlands, Mexico, Hong Kong, Spain, France, Belgium and Canada are the Major Importers.Coir Mats, Matting & Yarn are products in great demand.Major Coir Producing countries are Indonesia, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea & Brazil
Coir products face tough competition from other natural fibers and synthetic products. Innovative, value added products are needed in order to maintain a competitive edge. Eco-friendly production and Eco Labeling, could enhance the market . Coir Products such as coir geotextiles, which are used for erosion control, could benefit from increased publicity and improved technical after-sales service and international outreach.
Contents of CD ROM
Information Profile containing Technology of extraction, Processing, Spinning, Weaving, Dyeing. Manufacture of products in demand, Sources of technology, Machinery, Importers of products, Consultants & Institutions on CD ROM available. ORDER YOUR CD NOW

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Marigold - Calendula officinalis Information Compilation on CD ROM
Marigold Business Opportunities
World Trade in Marigold Flowers is estimated to be of the order of about Rs.500 Crores.
China, India & Peru are the leading countries producing & exporting Marigold flowers.
Major Importing Countries are USA and Europe
The Flower is used in Poultry Feed & Manufacturing in Food Colors & Neutraceuticals
Lutein is purified from marigold extract using patented processes. Researchers at Harvard found that eating 6mg of lutein a day lowered the odds of macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness in older people, by 43%. According to several studies, loading up on lutein also seems to reduce the odds of cataracts by 20% to 50%.
Click to Read more on Marigold Business

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Dear sir,
I am planning to retire and return back to India. I am also planning for flower cultivation and extraction in a small scale. In this connection please provide me the following information.It is preferred that you email the info in my personal email id
1.Cultivation Details: Seeds, farming methods, sources of supply of farm inputs,2.Extraction Technology3.Suppliers from various exporting countries - Full Contact Information including web sites, email IDs4.Buyers from Importing Countries - Contact Information with web sites, email Id5.Prices in the Markets6.Trade Leads - Offers to Buy & Sell7.Trade Associations8.Magazines9.Countries & Governments Rules & Regulations10.Market Survey Reports11.Standards & Quality related In Information12.Company Profiles13.Trade Fairs14.Seminars15.News about the Industry16.Advertising in the Trade Portals17.Trading Information18.Technology Institutions19.Technology Transfer20.Consultants Contact Information
Dear Mr. Sundarrajan,
I was very much impressed by your website. There is such a lot of information and I am really very grateful for having this information. I am at present engaged in an engineering company with my brothers. However, it was my late husbands and mine wish to start a venture in manufacturing garlic / onion powder and I am very much interested in that. We had started this engineering company in 2000 along with my brothers, which is doing fairly well. However, my husband died in 2003 and now I am left alone. I wish to start this food venture and need lot of information before I make a proposal to the bank / govt. As a woman entrepreneur alone, I request you to kindly help me in this.Please let me know the charges. You can also suggest me allied food products that can be manufactured.Thanking you,yours truly,for Jaiko-Tech Associates
Jyotilekha C. KoppikarPartner
Laser Hair Removal Project Guide
The light-based hair removal market is booming. And if corporate sales projections are to be believed, there's no bust in sight. A significant segment of the populace seems eager to part with large amounts of discretionary income for hair removal treatments -despite scant proof of long-term efficacy- and physicians are happy to oblige. Hair companies like Coherent Medical (Palo Alto, California) now holds the exclusive worldwide rights to market Palomar's (Lexington, Massachusetts) EpiLaser - handling sales, service and clinical education. Hundreds of Clinics have sprung up all over the world doing brisk business, thanks to Fashion Consciousness & Prosperity.
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Laser Hair Removal Project Guide:
The light-based hair removal market is booming. And if corporate sales projections are to be believed, there's no bust in sight. A significant segment of the populace seems eager to part with large amounts of discretionary income for hair removal treatments -despite scant proof of long-term efficacy- and physicians are happy to oblige. Hair companies like Coherent Medical (Palo Alto, California) now holds the exclusive worldwide rights to market Palomar's (Lexington, Massachusetts) EpiLaser - handling sales, service and clinical education. Hundreds of Clinics have sprung up all over the world doing brisk business, thanks to Fashion Consciousness & Prosperity.
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Friday, March 11, 2005

Business Opportunites in Castor Oil based Industry
The primary sources of Castor Oil are from India, China and Brazil. Scientific and historical records reveal that regardless of origin, the chemical nature and composition are remarkable uniform. India produces about 800,000 tons annually, andaccounts for over 60% of the entire global production. Castor seed is cultivated because of commercial importance of its oil. India is also the biggest exporter of castor oil. It corners about 70% of the global castor oil trade. Components of the oil, known as hydroxy fatty acids, are essential for making high-quality lubricants for heavy equipment or jet engines, for example. Castor oil is also used in paints, coatings, plastics, antifungal compounds, shampoo, and cosmetics.
more on Castor Oil Business

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Information Compilation on CD ROM
World Trade is about 15000 Tons per Year. China and Thailand are the largest producers .The world's best roselle comes from the Sudan. Major Buyers are from Germany & USA.Mexico, Egypt, Senegal, Tanzania, Mali and Jamaica are also important suppliers but production is mostly used domestically. Prices range from 1200-3600 USD per Ton, depending on quality, time of year, and amount purchased .
Read more on Business Opportunities Information on Hibiscus here
Natural Products Buyers Directory : 600 CompaniesMedicinal Plants, Herbs, Gums, Resins, Saps, Extracts for Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Food Products, Cosmetics use, Importers, Traders, Buyers Directory on CD ROM
The Directory is meant for Exporters from Developing Countries as Marketing Guide
Contents of Directory of Natural Products Buyers

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Dear Mr. Sundararajan
as you may recall I had bought the vanilla cd from you and you had promised some concession on the next cd's.
However before I buy the Aloevera cd I would like to know some specific details about the extraction plant of Aloevera with which we can extract Oil and make pulp.
How many such plants are up and running in India
What is the approximate cost involved in setting up such a plant.
Looking forward to your cooperation
Warm regards

Dear Mr.Sid
Good to see your mail & thank you.
Aloe Vera Processing plants are functioning in India. Exact Number is not known.
Some Reputed Companies processing Aloe Vera are included in the CD ROM.
There are consultants mentioned in the CD to consult on The Investment required.
However, one of the consultant says that a 30 tonnes/ year will need investment of
Rs.25 laks. you got to check with them.
One of the big companies have a plant with capacity of 4 tonnes/ Day !
Please see the web page for content headlines. The page is at
with best wishes

Monday, February 14, 2005

The total world market of gelatin is estimated in excess of 150,000 Tones per annum.
Geographically, the single largest market for gelatin is North America with annual estimated demand / consumption of 35,000 tons.
The production of gelatin is around 3,500 tones per annum in India
read about business opportunites in Gealtine

Friday, February 11, 2005

Business Opportunities
Mica Trading ,Processing to specialty products, technology transfer, Business Promotion on the Internet ,Trade Leads Generation, Patents, Finding Buyers...Importers, dealers, Traders, Manufacturers ,distributors, around the globe in several countries, Market Survey Reports, Company Profiles, Contact information such as web site , email id ,addresses, telephone and Fax numbers, Internet Marketing and Business Promotion Services.
CD ROM Contains 18.8 MB of Data : About Mica & Products, uses, world Production, consumption by different Industries, directory of mica products companies, Product Specifications, Research findings & other useful information.
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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Cultivation, Processing Menthol & ExportingInformation Compilation on CD ROM
Menthol production greatly depends on the availability of mint oil which again depends on the cultivation of the herb and extraction of the oil by steam distillation.Process: Menthol is generally obtained by chilling mint oil and subsequent centrifuging to separate out the menthol crystals. Major players are India, China , USA, Australia The U.S. is a net importer of menthol and imports from India, Germany, China, Japan, Brazil andParaguay
Comprehensive coverage of MENTHOL Project Information on CD ROM

Monday, January 17, 2005

Roses Cultivation, Processing & Exporting
Compilation on CD ROM

Roses are the largest traded flowers in the world market.
Leading Countries in the Floriculture are Netherlands, Columbia, Italy, Spain & Israel.
Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Andra Pradesh & Maharastra are States in India developing Floriculture Cultivation & Exporting
Important Flowers cultivated in India are Roses, Gladioli, Gerberas, Anthurium, Dahlias, Tube Roses, Orchids
Financial & other Support are provided by the Government of India & the States.
Flower Label Program
Trade Fairs, Sources of Price Information
Click for Content Headlines of CD ROM on Roses Cultivation, Processing & Exporting

Small Enterprises
about 11.4 million units in this sector provide employment to over 27.1 million people. The small scale sector contributes 40% of the country’s industrial production and 34 % of the exports from the country. From SIDO India
Small Enterprises

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Chennai Industrial profile
Chennai District, one of the Metropolitans in India and the Capital of Tamilnadu State is the fourth largest city in the Indian sub-continent and 30th largest city in the world. It extends an area of 174 sq.k.m. which accounts for only 0.13 percent of the State’s area of 1,30,058 sq.k.m. The entire district is classified as urban. The district has a coastal line of 22 k.m. Chennai district has a hot climate which can be termed as tropical maritime climate
Demographically the rate of growth of population is 9.76 percent as against the State’s average of 11.19 percent during the period 1991-2001. As per the 2001 census, it ranked 2nd among the districts of Tamilnadu in population, next to Coimbatore District and it is the densest district with 24,231 persons per sq.k.m. as against the State’s population density of 478 persons per sq. k.m. There is 9.76 percent growth rate in the density of population during the period from 1991-2001 in Chennai district
As per 2001 census Chennai ranks 4th in literacy with 80.14 percent , 1st, 2nd and 3rd being Kanyakumari, Thuthukudi and Nilgiris with 88.11 percent, 81.96 percent and 81.44 percent respectively. However Chennai district has registered higher literacy rate than the State average of 73.4 percent
Work force constitutes 30.5 percent of the total population and the remaining 69.5 percent are non-workers
There is scope for setting up industries based on milk, Poultry and eggs, since these items produced in the neighbouring districts, where there is only limited marketing facilities, is mainly being marketed in the markets of the Chennai district
The district has a coastal line of 22 k.m. with 2 coastal blocks and 40 coastal fishing centres. Since a good amount of marine fish is caught in this area, there is good potential for setting up industries based on fish
The Chennai Metropolis enjoys the best infrastructure facilities that any entrepreneur could dream of. The district is facilitated with a major Sea-port with single window clearance , Domestic and International Airport, National and State high ways, broad gauge and meter gauge Railways, excellent communication facilities, power, banking facilities, Industrial Estates, Industrial Complexes and Industrial Parks etc
Scope for establishing new Industrial Estates in Chennai district is very limited due to lack of space. But there is scope for constructing industrial complexes in the existing Industrial Estates to accommodate a particular group of industries
An Information Technology park is set up, across 8 acres of land, with a view to give a giant leap forward to develop and integrate the country into the world wide information technology net work at Taramani in Chennai district
There was a tremendous growth in SSI units in the districts during the period of last 10 years. The industrial units registered with the Industries department was only 16,326 as on 313-1991 which was grown to 40,300 as on 31-3-2001. But the SSI sector lacks product diversification and technological upgradation . Some of the existing units are very old and require large scale modernisation
One of the main problems of the units in this district is delayed payment by the parent units. The SSI and tiny units also feel that while the financial institutions are ready to extend credit facilities, especially working capital to big borrowers who can provide collateral security, they are reluctant to consider local applications of small and tiny units.
During the survey, it was observed that small scale sector suffers from lack of economies of the scale, unlike the large scale units. Moreover, in the context of liberalisation and growing domestic and international competition this sector needs support through promotional policies of credit and technology
Entrepreneurial competence is necessary to succeed in any venture. The district is endowed with talented entrepreneurs. Technically qualified persons are also available in the district along with excellent infrastructure facilities. Keeping in view the challenging entrepreneurial opportunities at present and in future in national and international level it is of paramount importance to promote management skills of the budding entrepreneurs through counselling and training, to succeed in their endeavours
Any Questions ?
Dear Shobhit
Glad to see your mail
We certainly cannot forget you so soon.
As you might have found in the CD, the major consumption is for Ice Cream.
USA is the biggest market for ice cream and so for Vanilla.
Please read the report on Vanilla market in USA in the CD & email me
your comments - we shall discuss further
best wishes
Small Enterprises
i hope you remember me. havn't been able to keep in touch with you due to my
pre-occupation with classes. as you know i am doing a project on vanilla
cultivation and need your help. i need to finalise a country where indian
vanilla can be exported and is very lucrative for the indian farmers. havn't
been able to decide on that. could you help with this. what are the factors
that i should consider while choosing the country to export indian vanilla
and what kind of logistics is required to export vanilla from india to that
country. how the vanilla is packed for exporting and what care should be
taken while packing it.

please help

thanking you,

shobhit goyal

World Trade in Vanilla

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Aloe Vera
Information on CD ROM - Content Headlines

General Information & Over view
Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis)
Aloe Vera Cultivation
Aloe Vera Powder Specifications
Aloe Vera Gel
The Aloe Vera in Body Balance
Processes for preparation of aloe products
Sifting through the maze of Dietary Supplements

Scientific Review & Research Studies

Aloe Vera Detailed Scientific Review
Contains Scientific Support for Oasis Meta Berry
Light Scattering for the Masses
Aloe abstracts & Citations
Aloe Vera Bibliography Reference Guide
International Aloe Science Council Hall of Fame Award

Aloe & Health Care
Aloe Vera: Potential Clinical Benefits
Skin Care Guide on Line
"ALOE VERA BARBADENSIS" is the species that is most Beneficial.
Aloe Vera : Facts & Fiction
FDA Ruling
Aloe Vera Gel Formulations
Aloe Vera Therapy
Material Safety Data
Aloe Juices & Health Drinks
Aloe Vera Juice (certified organic): Specification
Aloe Vera Juice, preserved, 99,7 %
Processing Details of Aloe Vera Drink
Another certified drink
Aloe Plus
Aloe Vera drink for Diabetes
Another claim for digestive powers of Aloe Vera drink
Company Information Profiles
Aloecorp Aloe Laboratories in Harlingen WebPages
Herbal Life Herbal Life Brochure Fakta Om
Bio International Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Skin Asia Pacific : Annual Report
Cocooon Nutrition Brochure Cocooonnutrition
Aloe Vera Product Manufacturing companies
Aloe Vera Directory
Aloe Group Discussions

Cultivation, Projects, Equipments & Technology
Guide to Commercial Seeds Sources
Life Sciences in Aloe Vera Business
Company Facilities, Company Farms
Contacts for Aloe Vera Project
Project Consultancy & Financing
Project Consultants
Cultivation Project Financing organization
Aloe Vera Projects Assisted by Government
Technology Companies & Certification Details
Aloe Vera of Australia
Composition of Aloe Vera
The Process Diagram
Equipments Supplier
Herbal Plants Pvt. Ltd.
Institutional Support in India
Aloe Vera Constituents
Processing of Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera Extract Supplier
Market for Aloe Vera Products
Aloe Vera: An International Success Story
Marketing Strategy of American Company
Analysis of 30 Commercial Aloe Products
About Top Selling seven herbs
Indian Companies consuming Aloe Vera
High Technology Product Catalogues
Products & Prices in Global Markets
Whole Leaf Aloe Vera drinks
Applications in Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics
Report on Marketing of top selling herbals
USA Market for Herbal Medicines

Major Markets:
Herbal dietary supplement
Nutraceutical beverages
Personal care
Major Products:
Dehydrated Aloe powder rich in
large complex carbohydrates
Aloe gel liquid concentrates
Aloe whole leaf liquid concentrates
Aloe gel and whole leaf spray dried powder
Nopal Powder

Aloe Vera products & Prices

Top 10 Sellers

Aloe Drink
Aloe Lotion
Aloe Linament
Aloe Gelly
Aloe Creme
Refined Elegance Foot Cream
Heavenly Body Shampoo (haircare)
Heavenly Body Conditioner (haircare)
Heavenly Body Bath Gelee

Small Enterprises

Thursday, January 06, 2005

This week Information Profile is....

  • Roses Cultivation, Processing & ExportingCompilation on CD ROM
  • Roses are the largest traded flowers in the world market.
  • Leading Countries in the Floriculture are Netherlands, Columbia, Italy, Spain & Israel.
  • Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Andra Pradesh & Maharastra are States in India developing Floriculture Cultivation & Exporting
  • Important Flowers cultivated in India are Roses, Gladioli, Gerberas, Anthurium, Dahlias, Tube Roses, Orchids
  • Financial & other Support are provided by the Government of India & the States.
    Flower Label Program
  • Trade Fairs, Sources of Price Information