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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Dear Mr. Sundararajan
as you may recall I had bought the vanilla cd from you and you had promised some concession on the next cd's.
However before I buy the Aloevera cd I would like to know some specific details about the extraction plant of Aloevera with which we can extract Oil and make pulp.
How many such plants are up and running in India
What is the approximate cost involved in setting up such a plant.
Looking forward to your cooperation
Warm regards

Dear Mr.Sid
Good to see your mail & thank you.
Aloe Vera Processing plants are functioning in India. Exact Number is not known.
Some Reputed Companies processing Aloe Vera are included in the CD ROM.
There are consultants mentioned in the CD to consult on The Investment required.
However, one of the consultant says that a 30 tonnes/ year will need investment of
Rs.25 laks. you got to check with them.
One of the big companies have a plant with capacity of 4 tonnes/ Day !
Please see the web page for content headlines. The page is at
with best wishes

Monday, February 14, 2005

The total world market of gelatin is estimated in excess of 150,000 Tones per annum.
Geographically, the single largest market for gelatin is North America with annual estimated demand / consumption of 35,000 tons.
The production of gelatin is around 3,500 tones per annum in India
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Friday, February 11, 2005

Business Opportunities
Mica Trading ,Processing to specialty products, technology transfer, Business Promotion on the Internet ,Trade Leads Generation, Patents, Finding Buyers...Importers, dealers, Traders, Manufacturers ,distributors, around the globe in several countries, Market Survey Reports, Company Profiles, Contact information such as web site , email id ,addresses, telephone and Fax numbers, Internet Marketing and Business Promotion Services.
CD ROM Contains 18.8 MB of Data : About Mica & Products, uses, world Production, consumption by different Industries, directory of mica products companies, Product Specifications, Research findings & other useful information.
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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Cultivation, Processing Menthol & ExportingInformation Compilation on CD ROM
Menthol production greatly depends on the availability of mint oil which again depends on the cultivation of the herb and extraction of the oil by steam distillation.Process: Menthol is generally obtained by chilling mint oil and subsequent centrifuging to separate out the menthol crystals. Major players are India, China , USA, Australia The U.S. is a net importer of menthol and imports from India, Germany, China, Japan, Brazil andParaguay
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