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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

what kind of industry, business or service to start ?

This is for those who have starting trouble !
Once the decision to become an Entrepreneur is made the next important question that comes to the mind is :
 "what kind of industry, business or service to start" 

Naturally the answer depends upon number of factors such as Your education, environment in which you have  been brought up,  experience, your skills, capacity to invest,
your contacts, your likes and dislikes etc
The entrepreneur has to scan through the opportunities available, and match it with his
personal factors and make an analysis called SWOT - Strength ,Weakness , Opportunities and Threat .
We can help you to find your own answers for the most important question of
  "What enterprise will best suit me "

Project Ideas :In order to extend the help line
Let us know about you.
Name, Address, Contact Details such as phone, fax,
email id, web site   your brief resume containing education, skills acquired, experience , Capacity to invest, your family support to the idea of   self employment, Your own thoughts about what would & would not suit you.
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