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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Business Model vs. Revenue Model

Here is something basic we need to know about
Business Model vs. Revenue Model
Good Blog....Social Media space is all about number of users and content first ... Initially all the startup business is funded by VC... when they start to monetize things can go Bust !
therefore , we have seen Startup's time their sale or IPO.. when the market sees value... not necessarily Revenue.
Instagram had 13 employees when it was sold to Facebook for $1 Billion... however Kodak had at one point 140,000 employees and we know it filed for bankruptcy.
I recommend the book by Jaron Lanier, Father of virtual reality titled "Who Owns the Future ?" - In the new technology driven economy the wealth will be with skewed towards a very small % of people... unlike the prior industrial revolution...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Indian dyestuff industry

Here is a business opportunity information..!
The Indian dyestuff industry is highly fragmented and characterised by a large number of players in the unorganized sector.
Today, Indian dyestuffs industry comprises about 950 ,units (50 in large and organized sector and 900 units under Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) Sector). These units are mainly present in the western states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, with Gujarat accounting for almost 80% of capacity. The overall production capacity of dyestuffs is 200,000 tonnes per annum.

Mahindra Finace empowering the SMEs : India Entrepreneurship Summit 2013

Wind Energy - has environment issue?

30 years permit to wind farms in the US are opposed by environmentalist there !
The eagle population is affected by wind farms and so the permit extension from 5 years to 30 years is not to the liking of the environmentalists
So what is the situation elsewhere in the world?
And in India?

PET Bottle demand to grow substantially

Multinational companies see growth in next three years for
Juices, Nectors, still drinks, isotonics,teas,carbonated soft drinks are growing and
expected to double in next three years
Plastic Liquid packaging containers are going to be Sun Rise Industry !

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Management lessons from AAP’s showing

Management lessons from AAP’s showing
In each and every event and situation there is a lesson to be learnt. We only miss that very often. If we are willing and be prepared to learn then we can always connect the events or the outcomes with the Management Principles. But, even the so called Geniuses miss this. Take for example the Film 'Ravanan' by Manirathnam. Why it failed? Whereas he was very successful in 'Thalapathi'. Why? Thalapathi is the story of Karnan and Dhuriyothanan. He just narrated the story as in the Epics. It received the acceptance of the Society. He just utilized the Strength of that Epic and the strength of that Character "KARNAN".

Ravanan is the story of Ramayana. This nation believed in that epic for centuries together and the respect they have for Sita and Rama is some thing great. In such a circumstances if he is going to portrait Sita loves Ravana - do you think that the people will agree that? There may be difference of opinion about the 'Agnipravesh'. I do agree that Rama demanding an 'Agnipravesh' by Sita is unacceptable in today's parlance. But, still lakhs and lakhs of people take Ramayana and its versus as watchword. So, trying to change the belief of the people proved him costlier.

Coming to the strength of Aishwarya - her beauty, did he materialize that? He has missed the chance even in the film 'Iruvar'. But whereas the film 'Jeans' en-cashed it. Maniratnam is not an ordinary Director. He is a Management Graduate and he knows about 'SWOT' analysis. In spite of that he has not paid much attention to that aspect.

To conclude, Management Lessons are there every where. Many a times we miss it first and then realize that mistake by that time it is too late and too costlier.   -KRG