Saturday, September 10, 2005

GherkinsInformation Compilation on CD ROM
Gherkins, like other processed vegetables from the group of pickles, are mainly eaten together with meat and meat products, either as a side-dish or in sandwiches.
Gherkins are available in different seasonings and sizes and reflect the variations in taste of European consumers.
The German "Gurken", for example, are larger in size than the "cornichons" available in France and are also marketed in slices. The seasoning is "sweet-and-sour", whereas the gherkins sold in France usually do not contain any added sugar and are sold whole.
There are six different sizes of gherkins available on the market, with the smaller sizes mostly available through retail outlets and the larger used in the food industry and the catering sector.
The Agri Export Zones for gherkins covering the districts of Rangareddy, Mahabubnagar, Warangal, Karimnagar, Nalgonda and Anantapur accounted for an export of 12,000 tonnes of gherkins, worth Rs 29.5 crore, during the 2005 season.
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