Sunday, September 11, 2005

conversation with a client

Dear Madam/Sir:
God day! I am Ma. Shiela S. Saet. Can you send me an information about pectin from pomelo. Kindly include some information on how pectin can be made into a useful products using a simple process. Thank you.
Dear Ma. Shiela S. Saet
Here is what we found :Grapefruit peel is candied and is an important source of pectin for the preservation of other fruits. The peel oil, expressed or distilled, is commonly employed in soft-drink flavoring, after the removal of 50% of the monoterpenes. The main ingredient in the outer peel oil is nookatone. Extracted nookatone, added to grapefruit juice powder, enhances the flavor of the reconstituted juice. Naringin, extracted from the inner peel (albedo), is used as a bitter in "tonic" beverages, bitter chocolate, ice cream and ices. It is chemically converted into a sweetener about 1,500 times sweeter than sugar. After the extraction of naringin, the albedo can be reprocessed to recover pectin.
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Dear M. SundaraRajan
Thank you for the information you've sent to me.
Could you hep me again sending information if a carrot juice can treat skin diseases.
Thank you.
shiela saet

Dear Shiela
Nice to hear from you again - how r u?
Take a look at
you may find answer for your question !

Dear friend,
I am looking for a scholarship abroad in any country, an scholarship applicable for a science teacher.
Could you help me again?
Thank you

Dear Shiela
did you see this page ?
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