Friday, September 16, 2005

Business Opportunities in Hydrocolloids

What is it ?
The word ‘hydrocolloids’ or water soluble gums means range of polysaccharides and proteins that are widely used in a variety of industrial sectors to perform a number of functions including thickening and gelling aqueous solutions, stabilizing foams, emulsions and dispersions, inhibiting ice and sugar crystal formation and the controlled release offlavors, and so on
Food Industry
Gelling fruit systems, stabilizing dressings and sauces , protein stabilization in acidified dairy beverages, water binding in meat, stabilizing ice cream .
International organizations such as the FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission and the EU are seeking to harmonies regulations for the use of hydrocolloids, but differences still exist. Consequently, relevant legislation should be consulted before using hydrocolloids in food products.
Personal Care : Toothpaste, Dental fixatives
Pharmaceutical Industry
Oral suspensions, emulsions and syrups Ophthalmic compositions , Sustained release tablets , Lotions and creams ,Ostomy and wound care products, Tablet coatings ,Enteral / parenteral nutrition ,Infant formula ,Weight management , Anti-diarrhea preparations , wound dressing
Paper Industry : used for paper & board coating, surface sizing
Oil & Gas Drilling : Used as water based drilling muds
Textile Industry
Warp sizing, use as a thickener in textile printing pastes with reactive and disperse dyes
Ceramic Industry
Used to improve plasticity and green strength in the bodies, as a temporary binder in refractories, as a stabilizer, thickener and binder in glazes
Functions as a soil-suspending "anti-redeposition" agent in powder detergent formulas
Many other uses
Use as a thickener in water-based emulsion paints, use as wallpaper adhesives, proven to be an excellent binder and thickener for various building products such as plasters and joint compounds, Air freshener gels , Chalk and pencil lead Auto polish , Coal briquettes ,Batteries , Electric cables Bricks , Leather substitute Carbon black slurries , Play dough , toys Carpet backing compounds , Protein recovery for animal feed ,Cattle feed , Shoe polish
There are many market development initiatives taking place in India & other countries.
Market Survey Reports by Reputed Consultancy companies are available but are expensive
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