Monday, November 25, 2013

Medicinal Herbs Extraction project investments

There are number of herbs/medicinla plants in demand by the pharmacetical/Ayuervedia/tradional medical industry..The most successful commercial method for plant extracts is Super Critical Carbon dioxide extraction (liquid Carbon dioxide extraction) process which is very capital intensive.
The other is a combination of percolation and solvent extraction method, using suitable
organic solvents, where medicinal plants / seeds are first thoroughly washed and inspected
for removing unwanted impurities. The materials are subjected to boiling for decoction
followed by percolation by solvents....
The project can have land area of 10000 Sq. mt and building size  2500
The Fixed cost of project estimated is INR 82.16 million and adding working capital margin of INR
7.84 million total project cost is estimated at INR 90 million. The project will have Debt: Equity ratio of 2:1 and accordingly promoter will bring INR 30 million against the term loan amount of INR 60 million.

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