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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bamboo farming, processing project ideas & project outlines information

Bamboo farming, processing project ideas & project outlines information: "Bamboo Industry"

Dear Sr.,
Iñaki Sebastian MALLETS S.L. is an enterprise for percussion instrumentmallets placed in Spain, We are manufacturing sticks and mallets forpercussion instruments from last 15 yeas and the reason to contact with youis to know if you make distribution for bamboo and rattan sticks, samples asI have included in the pictures included in this mail.
We are trying to improve our quality and our possiilities to increase ourproduction now we are manufacturing more than 20,000 pieces/year in wood,rattan and bamboo handles.Please, it will be grateful any information about the possibility to getrattan pieces 8-10 mm diametter and 42 cm lenght, and bamboo pieces 11-13 mmdiametter and 36 and 38 cm lenght.
You can get some information about our work in and
Thank you very much in advance for your consideration and your time.
Receiveall My best wishes from Spain.
Iñaki Sebastián.
Manager of Iñaki Sebastián MALLETS S.L.Avda. de Egüés 62, 1º C31620
Phone + 34 665 520 408Fax + 34 948 348 871

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