Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tyre, tire oil from used Tyres, tires - project information

Tyre, tire oil from used Tyres, tires - project information: "Thermal pyrolysis is a process used for tire recycling. It splits complex materials into desirable ones under high temperature, i.e. turns rubber into oil, steel and carbon powder. Development of effective pyrolysis technologies
has been going on since the early eighties but the high temperature of the process (typically 700°C - 800°C) has so far led to poor quality of the recycled substances with low commercial value.
It is further claimed that the decreased temperature of
the process prevents complex hydrocarbons from thermal destruction, which happens in traditional processes conducted at higher temperatures.
100 Tons/Day plant is estimated to cost USD 30 Millions
The reclaimed oil could be used for fuel or petroleum products, the carbon black for inks, dyes or rubber or plastic products, and steel for automobiles or construction materials"


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