Saturday, February 19, 2011

Granite Industry Regulations

For conservation and systematic development of and scientific mining to conserve the granite resources and to prescribe a uniform frame-work with regard to systematic and scientific exploitation of granite throughout the Country, Government of India introduced the Granite Conservation and Development Rules, 1999 (in short, "GCD Rules") and it came into effect from 1.6.1999. Introduction of prospecting licence and submission of approved mining plan, grant of lease for 20 years with provision of renewal, etc., are some of the features of the GCD Rules. The Government of Tamil Nadu in G.O.4(D) No.3/Industries/ MMB2/dated 29.10.1999 have constituted a committee to examine in detail the GCD Rules with the existing provisions of Tamil Nadu Minor Mineral Concession Rules, 1959 (in short, "TN MMC Rules) and to suggest necessary amendments to TN MMC Rules. The Committe was also requested to consider the new draft Tamilnadu Granite Conservation Rules, 1999 proposed by the Commissioner of Geology and Mining .....more

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