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Monday, January 16, 2017

technology sourcing - Sulphamic Acid

Sulphamic Acid
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  • Sulfamic acid, is also known as amidosulfonic acid, amidosulfuric acid, aminosulfonic acid, and sulfamidic acid
  • Sulfamic acid is a molecular compound with the formula H3NSO3.
  • Sulphamic Acid is a dry, non-volatile, non-hygroscopic, stable solid. It is soluble in water and forms a strongly acidic aqueous solution that is comparable in acidity to the common strong mineral acids, but it can be safely handled and stored in the dry form.
  • Urea & 23-25% Oleum are fed at controlled rates to reactor, which is cooled by chilled water/brine and cooling water. The reaction products are diluted by mixing with recycled mother liquor (available after separation of crystals of sulfamic acid).
    Temperature is controlled during mixing by chilled water/brine. Dilute acid streams (70% sulfuric acid) is separated after the mixing operation and is sold to SSP/Alum manufacturer.
  • The technology of production of Sulphamic Acid is patent protected and will require know-how transfer from companies who have the patents assigned to them by the Inventors/assigners
  • Sulfamic acid is used as an acidic cleaning agent .Sulfamic acid is preferable to use in household in comparison to hydrochloric acid for its intrinsic safety.
  • Sulphamic acid is used to reduce the pH of drilling fluids prior to disposal and is also used as a de-scaling additive
  • When compared to most of the common strong mineral acids, sulfamic acid has desirable water descaling properties, low volatility, low toxicity.
  • Sulfamic acid is used for cleaning metals and ceramics; standard in alkalimetry; nitrite removal in dyeing; stabilisation of chlorine and hypochlorite for swimming pools; sulfonating agent; organic synthesis; pH control; hard water scale removal; electroplating. Laboratory reagent.
  • India exported sulphamic acid worth USD 707,896 with total quantity of 1,059,531. Kuwait is the largest buyer of sulphamic acid followed by United Arab Emirates and Lebanon
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  • Microwave assisted sulphamic acid catalysed synthesis of triaryl-1H-imidazoles
  • Sulphamic acid assisted synthesis of polyhydroquinolines
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Sulfamic Acid- Functionalized Nanoparticles
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