Friday, December 29, 2006

 agro & food processing industries potentials projects information

agro & food processing industries potentials projects information: "INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES :
Agri/Horticulture Infrastructure Projects: Onion Cold Storage, Fresh Fruits-Pack house, Vegetables-Pack house. Mechanized Grain handling and storage at port, Food Parks, Terminal Markets, Spices and Isabgul Irradiation center.
Export Oriented Processing: Peanut Butter, De-hulled Sesame seed & Roasted Sesame oil, Roasted, salted & coated nuts.
Integrated Shrimp farming & processing.
Value added Processing based on local resources: Tomato, Potato Flakes & Powder, Specialty grades- Guar Gum powder, Refined Sugar, Egg Powder, Baker's Yeast, Fish oil extraction. "

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