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Sunday, August 22, 2010


COIMBATORE: The State government is taking steps to ensure that industrial development is not affected by the global economic slowdown, Deputy Chief Minister M.K. Stalin said here on Sunday.
Inaugurating the State-level convention of Small and Micro Industries (STICON 2010) organised by the Tamil Nadu Small and Tiny Industries' Association (TANSTIA) and the Coimbatore District Small Industries' Association (CODISSIA), he said the gvernment continued to provide benefits for industrial development. It was also taking steps to manage the power shortage, and had ensured peaceful industrial relations.
The State Government's budgetary allocation for the micro, small and medium-scale enterprises (MSMEs) during the last four years was Rs. 282.79 crore and for 2010-2011, it was Rs. 98.26 crore. Subsidies given to these industries during the last four years under different schemes were Rs. 83.73 crore.
In 2010-2011, it was Rs. 56.14 crore.
The State gvernment announced the MSME Policy in 2008. Till 2006, the State had 78 estates and by 2011 it would increase to 108, providing employment to 2.24 lakh people.

There were 6,774 units in these estates. The units produced goods worth Rs. 11,433 crore for the domestic market and exports were to the tune of Rs. 3,112 crore. Revenue to the State gvernment from the units in the estates was Rs. 1,80 crore.
Till March 2010, there were 6.31 lakh MSMEs registered in the State, employing 43 lakh people.
These had invested Rs. 26,136 crore.
In the Industrial Policy announced in 2007, the State gvernment said 20 per cent land would be earmarked for MSMEs in the new SIPCOT Industrial estates.

The benefits would start reaching the industries soon.
The gvernment would study the demand for uninsterrupted power supply to the MSMEs and also whether they would be affected by the power tariff hike.
minister for Rural Industries Pongalur N. Palanisamy said entrepreneurs were interested in starting business in the State because of availability of skilled workers, educated youth and infrastructure.
Chairman and Managing Director for National Small Industries Corporation H.P. Kumar said the corporation had signed agreements with 10 banks to help the MSMEs get bank credit for their business.

Additional Chief Secretary, MSME Department, P. Selvam, urged the units to improve production.
Principal Secretary to the Government, Industrial Development, Rajeev Ranjan, said the Business Facilitation Bill was waiting for the President's consent. This would help the industries get quick approvals.
Chairman and Managing Director of SIDCO N.S. Palaniappan said the State would soon have about 120 industrial estates.

source: The Hindu

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