Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Carbohydrate Polymers

  • Carbohydrates are polymers of monosaccharides (a.k.a sacchraides). These polymers are called polysaccharides. A polymer is basically a large molecule that can be hydrolyzed into a generic repeating unit
  • Carbohydrate polymers are widely used in various industrial applications in foods, pharmaceuticals, textiles, paper, and environmental technology
  • Three major carbohydrate polymers are readily obtained from biomass and are commercially available. These polysaccharides are cellulose, starch, and gums.
  • Carbohydrates have six major functions within the body: Providing energy and regulation of blood glucose, Sparing the use of proteins for energy, Breakdown of fatty acids and preventing ketosis, Biological recognition processes, Flavor and Sweeteners, Dietary fiber

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