Monday, April 30, 2012


Site Guides: Quercetin

Quercetin is the most abundant of the flavonoids. Quercetin belongs to the flavonoids family and consist of 3 rings and 5 hydroxyl groups.
Quercetin, a member of the flavonoids family, exerts many beneficial health effects, including improvement of cardiovascular health, reducing risk for cancer, protection against osteoporosis.
Quercetin is a polyphenolic compounds that occurs in vegetables and fruits mainly as different glycosides, although the skin of the fruit/vegetable commonly contains higher amounts of the quercetin aglycone.
The most environmentally friendly solvent that could be used for extraction of quercetin is water. However, since pure water at ambient condition is too polar to be a good solvent for quercetin, we instead use water at elevated temperatures as a solvent, i.e. subcritical water.

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