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Monday, August 18, 2014

VLRA Battery Market - India

Very conservative estimate of the VRLA battery market size is approximately Rupees 2,500-3000 crore and is grow­ing at the rate of 20-25 percent year on year.
The fastest moving batteries in the market are 6V4.5AH and 12V7.2AH batteries, which are widely used in emergency lights and UPS
Lead and special separators used are the principal raw materials for VRLA batteries, and have significant effect on the cost of VRLA batteries; besides the cost of technology and manufacturing processes
Lead price is the major factor affecting the cost of VRLA batteries and is dependent on the London metal exchange
China has an advantage of producing lead in large quantities. It gets lead at a much cheaper quote and its labour cost is also much cheaper. So, it is in the position to pro­duce the same product for nearly half the cost

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