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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Full View of KTC's Manufacture for Flat Panel Display Product

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SundaraRajan Margabandhu said...

The LCD industry offers several industrial characteristics that are
advantageous for studying followers' catch-up investments. LCD
panels are produced on glass substrates loaded with transistors and
then are integrated into display products such as televisions and
In the industry value chain, the panel fabrication process is
the most critical part that determines feasible display size and unit
panel cost and hence requires constant R&D and innovation efforts. To
effectively respond to the market demand for larger-size displays, LCD
panel firms have focused on increasing the size of glass substrates by
developing or adopting next-best available substrate technologies.

Hence, the size or the generation of glass substrates serves as an
uncontroversial indicator of production technology that enables us to
measure technological improvements on an objective standard. Also,
because firms that occupy technological leadership positions can enjoy
a substantial price premium, the followers have strong incentives to
exert substantial R&D efforts to usurp or regain leadership. In fact, no
leader persistence exists in this industry; every firm often finds itself
running as a follower.
Furthermore, since its inception, the LCD panel
industry has kept an oligopolistic market structure in which
investment outcomes as well as various firm dynamics, such as
entries, exits, acquisitions and liquidations, can be easily observed.