Saturday, October 28, 2006

The global herbal market

The global herbal market is estimated at US$ 60 billion China enjoys the lead, contributing 30% to the world market. The growth rate for herbal market is estimated to be around 7% -15% annually. The market value of Pharmaceuticals derived from plants used in traditional medicines exceeds US$ 20 billion.
Herbal drugs are used in cardio vascular (27%), respiratory (15.3%), digestive (14.4%), hypnotics and sedatives (9.3%), miscellaneous (12%).
The Indian annual production of herbal drugs is estimated around INR 100 Crores, while the medicinal plant value is about INR 5000 Crores and the anticipated export is around INR 550 Crores. Considering the rich assorted and varied botanical resources available in the country, the exported value is not impressive. The Indian market has 1650 herbal formulation involving 540 major plantformulations.
There are medicinal plants exported from India in four forms:
As dried plants or plant parts, e.g. liquorice roots, Senna leaves, Vinca Rosea (Catharanthus roseus) herbs.
As extracts e.g. Sag of Opium poppy.
As isolated and purified active ingredients/intermediates e.g. Gymnema powder, Atropise sulphate, menthal crystals, Calcium sennoside.
As ayurvedic, Unani, Siddh, and homeopathic formulations e.g. Over the counter (OTC) drugs, and range of proprietary formulations. This also includes range of herbal cosmetic products.
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