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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sand Additives

Sand Additives includes Seacoal, Coal Tar Pitch, Gilsonite and Blown Asphalt. The theories involved in sand additives are Gaseous Cushion Theory, Lustrous Carbon Theory and Reducing Atmosphere Theory. Sand Additives are used for Construction, Metal Casting, Soil Blending, Land Applications, Composting, Backfill and Pipe Bedding. Major markets are metallurgical, glass and construction, accounting for 92.6% of total sales. The metallurgical sector can be subdivided into foundry sands and steel applications, fluxing (non-ferrous), refractories and silicon manufacture. Major markets for fume silica are construction (cement and concrete additives); whilst the ceramic industry is the largest consumer of milled silica. Commercial soil blending operations can use foundry sand to produce horticultural soils, topsoil, potting soil, and turf mixes. These soil products are typically mixtures of sand or gravel with peat, fertilizers, and/or top soil.
what are the business opportunities of sand additives?

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