Sunday, November 30, 2008

Marketing is the number one problem with rabbit raisers ?

Marketing prospects should be located and developed promptly when one engages in rabbit production. The FIRST market for meat is the family, neighbors, towns and cities within the locality. Rabbit meat can then be sold in dressed form to hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, and open markets. Rabbit barbecue can be sold by sidewalk vendors. But if we are to succeed at all we must successfully market the IDEA of eating rabbit meat to ALL strata of the population...not only to the middle and upper class but, to the strata that compose the majority of the populace... the grass roots. WE must in fact convince ourselves before convincing others!
By-products of rabbits such as fur, tails, paws, and manure are certainly added income. In fact, more money will be made in marketing by-products than in the sale of meat alone

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