Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tomato Processing Plant in Nigeria need partners

As the promoter of this project, I was invited to attend 8th World Processing Tomato Congress and 11th Symposium on Processing Tomato in Canada, from June 8th -11th, 2008 as an observer, with a view to Nigeria joining the organization. The WPTC is only open to Tomato Processors and / or grower organizations representing the industry in their Country. We do not have such association in Nigeria, hence the observer status; but it was an ideal opportunity to meet people in the industry and start the association in Nigeria. I was not able to attend the Congress because of circumstances beyond my control. Nevertheless an avenue for future interaction has been opened. Please read the attached detailed business presentation. I believe the potentials are terrific! I am ready to commit everything for this project, assets and equity.

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