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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


  • Tebuconazole - a colorless to light brown powder- is a broad spectrum fungicide used in a wide range of food and feed crops to treat pathogenic and foliar plant fungi.
  • Tebuconazole technical is a white to beige crystalline powder with a weak characteristic odour. The pure tebuconazole is a colourless powder with no characteristic odour- and a melting point of 105°C. Its density is 1.25 at 26°C
  • Major tebuconazole technical producers, such as Yancheng Limin Chemical Co., Ltd. (Yancheng Limin), Jiangsu Sevencontinent Green Chemical Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu Sevencontinent), etc., reveal that the supply of tebuconazole technical is very tight currently.
  • With the robust demand for the tebuconazole and the hike prices of raw materials, the price of tebuconazole 97% TC has been continuing to go up since Jan. 2011.

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