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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bio-Based LacticAcid

Bio-based LacticAcid
  • Biobased lactic acid is a chemical which is produced by carbohydrate fermentation.  The fermentation process is carried out by various Lactobacillus strains rather than by chemical means.  
  •  Lactic acid, like succinic acid, is a base material for biobased products which is intended to offset the petroleum use.  Lactic acid can be used to make a variety of products which include poly lactic acid, propylene glycol, and lactate esters.
  •  Poly lactic acid, or PLA, is a useful homopolymer of lactic acid involved in plastics and other material production.  Lactate esters are used for biodegradable and nontoxic solvents.

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