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Monday, May 21, 2012



  • Polyphosphazenes are a class of inorganic polymers with the repeat unit (-RR'P=N-). The substituents R,R' are usually alkoxy, amino, (R2N), or halogens (such as chloride or fluoride).
  • Polyphosphazenes are typically prepared by the thermal ring-opening polymerization of hexachlorophosphazene (Cl2PN)3 followed by esterification of the intermediate poly(dichlorophosphazene) with either amines or sodium salts of alcohols.
  • Most polyphosphazenes are colorless and exhibit high thermal stability, although they are somewhat sensitive to base hydrolysis.
  • Polyphosphazenes are used as flame retardants, additives, performance polymers, and in specialty applications. 

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