Monday, November 28, 2011

Ammonium Nitro Phosphate (ANP)

  • Ammonium nitrophosphate has another name Ammonium phosphate-nitrate
  • A Slurry of concentrated ammonium nitrte solution (97%) and ammonium phosphate is used to produce ammonium phosphate nitrate in a rotary drum granulator in the Pechiney-saint-gobain process
  • Ammonium phosphate-nitrate (27-12-0 + 4.5S) is made by reacting ammonia with a mixture of phosphoric and nitric acids.
  • The 94% AN melt and calcium carbonate which are both byproducts of the ANP plant are used as raw material for the production of CAN fertilizer.
  • ANP fertilizers were applied in solid form to soil, and reaction products formed at and around the site of ANP fertilizer placement were identified after six weeks incubation in moist soils by Xray diffraction technique.
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