Thursday, November 15, 2012

Naphthenic Acid

  • A complex of carboxylic acids obtained from different distillation fractions of crude oil like gas oil, kerosene or light lubricating oils.
  • Free Naphthenic acids are corrosive and are mainly used as their salts and esters.For example, calcium naphthenate is a lubricating oil additive, and zinc naphthenate is an antioxidant. Lead, zinc, and barium naphthenates are wetting agents used as dispersion agents for paints.
  • Naphthenic acid is a dark colored liquid with an offensive odor and acid is also insoluble in water.
  • Found applications in several industries such as drying agent ,wood preservation, synthetic detergents, additive to fuels, corrosion inhibitor and plasticizer in the production of polyvinyl-chloride and rubber products.

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