Friday, December 14, 2012

Benzyl Benzoate

  • The other names of benzyl Benzoate are benzoic acid phenylmethyl ester, benylate, ascabin, phenylmethyl benzoate, scabagen,vanzoate, benzoic acid and benzyl alcohol.
  • Benzyl benzoate chemical formula is C14H12O2 and the specification of melting point is 18-20 degree c and boiling point is 324 degree c.
  • It is the Colourless oily liquid or leaflets depend on temperature and Stable under ordinary conditions. it appearance is Colourless oily liquid and acid value is maximum 0.3 mg koh/g.
  • The raw material of benzyl benzoate are benzoic acid and benzyl alcohol.
  • It is used for the process of drugs and especially for antispasmodic drugs as a scabicides and to treat pediculosis.

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