Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Business Today - India's leading business magazine

Business Today - India's leading business magazine: "Indian banks’ finest hour?

The KPMG Annual Best Banks Survey is a check-point on the performance of the banking system in India. The past five years have seen the Indian banking industry gain significant strength. This strength is reflected in the high growth in credit and size of the balance sheets; well diversified portfolios across corporate, retail and SME; improved margins and spreads; healthy asset quality; reduction in non-performing assets with improving asset coverage ratio; and improvement in the implementation of the SARFAESI Act through effective use of debt recovery tribunals.
Not surprisingly, PSU banks, with low-risk appetites and being conservative followers of regulatory guidelines, have significantly improved their position. Driven by better technology and risk principles, they have seen considerable improvements in their asset quality, operational efficiency, spreads and margins."

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