Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Information Services for Small Industry,Services & Business Establishments

Information Services for Small Industry,Services & Business Establishments: "Entrepreneurs Need Lots of Information while in the process of Starting an Enterprise of their Dreams or Managing their existing one. The information pertaining to project selection, location, markets, choice of technology and machinery, mode of finance, distribution channels, selection of suppliers of material inputs, recruitment of personnel, Logistics, Government Rules, Procedures & Regulations are some of the things the entrepreneurs will be searching for at one time or other.
There are many government, trade associations, consultants, customers besides Newspapers, magazines, technical literature in all the countries providing information to entrepreneurs . Despite the availability of wide institutional network getting adequate, timely, quick, reliable up-to-date information on what to produce, how to produce and market continues to be one of the major drawbacks and problems of the Entrepreneurs all over the world."

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