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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Propylheptanol is a mixture of isomeric decyl alcohols: 2-propylheptanol, 4-methyl-2-propylhexanol and 5-methyl-2-propylhexanol.

It is a clear and colorless, high boiling liquid with a mild characteristic odor. It is miscible with most common organic solvents but has very low water solubility

2-Propylheptyl alcohol is "oxoalcohol", meaning that it is produced from the hydroformylation ("oxo synthesis") of C9 alkenes followed by hydrogenation of the resulting aldehyde. The production route is similar to that for tripropylene.

Synonyms are 2-Propylheptanol, 2-Propylheptan-1-ol, 1-Heptanol, 2-propyl-, 2-PROPYL-1-HEPTANOL, 2-Propylheptyl alcohol.

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