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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Diethyl Ethyl Acetamide is a multi-insect repellent. It is effective against mosquitoes, leaches and other blood sucking organisms. It is found to be much more superior and effective as compared to the commonly used mosquito repellents like Di-methyl phthalate.

DEPA can be used in the form of cream or as a spray, liquid or aerosol.

A non-toxic, non-irritant, cosmetically acceptable, cost effective indigenously available multi-insect repellent N,N- dimethylphenyl acetamide (DEPA) has been developed and licensed by Drug Controller of India for manufacture for use on human beings and has since been introduced in services.

Defence Services have already accepted DEPA as their mosquito repellent. Other para military organisations are in the process of taking this product.

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