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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Power less!

MSEs (Micro and Small Enterprises) are the most powerless lot in the Industrial scenario today.

  1. They have no bargaining power with the Bankers for getting finance. 
  2. They have no bargaining power to get better rates and better deal with the suppliers
  3. They have no bargaining power with their customers particularly with the Big Brothers.
  4. They have no POWER ( I mean the electric Power) 
To-day every Micro and Small Units are under going a severe power cut. On an average they are suffering for more than 7-8 hours a day. That means they work only 3-4 hours per day if it is a single shift unit. If it is working for 2 shifts then they may have 8 hours production. That means only 50% capacity utilization. 

Whereas they have to pay the Rent for the building - 100% 
They have to pay the Wages to their Workers - 100%
They have to pay the interest to the Bankers - 100%
They have to keep the delivery schedule and deliver the ordered goods - 100%

How is it possible?  Does our Politicians and Officials hear the frantic cry of this neglected people? Is there any one to rescue this poor lot!

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