Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Tomato Processing & Products

Tomato paste is a thick paste that is made by cooking tomatoes for several hours to reduce moisture, straining them to remove the seeds and skin, and cooking them again to reduce them to a thick, rich concentrate.

Tomato purée is a processed food product, usually consisting of only tomatoes, but can also be found in pre-seasoned form. It differs from tomato sauce or tomato paste in consistency and content.

A tomato sauce is any of a very large number of sauces made primarily from tomatoes, usually to be served as part of a dish (rather than as a condiment).

Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are both in the top ten import countries of tomato paste from China with respectively 28,800 and 35,100MT, in the year 2008.

Tomato paste is a commodity in a competitive global market. Worldwide, there are three major players in tomato paste production: the United States, Europe (mainly Italy and Spain) and China.

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