Saturday, September 17, 2011


Trimethylgallium, Ga(CH3)3, often abbreviated to TMG or TMGa, is the preferred metalorganic source of gallium for metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy (MOVPE) of gallium-containing compound semiconductors, such as GaAs, GaN, GaP, GaSb, InGaAs, InGaN, AlGaInP, InGaP and AlInGaNP.

Trimethyl-gallium has approximately the consistency of water and is a colourless fluid, which has a boiling point of 60 degree C, has an explosion-like reaction with water, and flames up on its own when reacting with air.

Trimethylgallium may be prepared by the reaction of dimethylzinc with gallium trichloride.

The material is used in the production of LED lighting and semiconductors as a metalorganic chemical vapor deposition precursor.

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