Saturday, September 10, 2011


WEEDS are the plants, which grow where they are not wanted. They grow in thefields where they compete with crops for water, soil nutrients, light and space and thus reduce crop yields.

The controlling of weeds in the growing crops with weedicides increases their yields and ensures the efficient use of irrigation,fertilizers and plant-protection measures, such as the spraying of insecticides and fungicides.

Both the nature of the weeds and that of the crops which they infest, influence the action of the weedicides. For example, the same types of weeds occur in maize and cotton which are kharif crops. 2,4-D can be used for killing the weeds in maize, but this weedicide should never be used on cotton which is highly sensitive to it.

A series of field trials were conducted to evaluate the effect of newly introduced weedicide against broad leaved weeds of wheat crop at Adaptive Research Farm.

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