Saturday, August 13, 2011

Banana Beer

Banana beer is an alcoholic beverage made from fermentation of mashed bananas.

Banana beer processing involves 6 main steps; peeling of bananas, extraction of the juice
from the bananas, filtration, dilution, fermentation and packaging.

Banana beer is made from bananas, mixed with a cereal flour (often sorghum flour) and fermented to an orange, alcoholic beverage. It is sweet and slightly hazy with a shelf life of several days under correct storage conditions.

In Central and East Africa, the juice from the ripe fruit of varieties known as “beer bananas” may be drunk fresh or fermented to make a beer with a low alcohol content and short shelf-life.

In Kenya, banana beer is known as urwaga, in Uganda as lubisi, in Rwanda and Burundi as urwagwa.

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