Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bovine Placenta Products

  • The bovine placenta produces a wide variety of proteins that are structurally and functionally similar to the pituitary proteins from the GH/PRL gene family. Bovine placental lactogen (bPL) is a 200-amino acid long glycoprotein hormone that exhibits both lactogenic and somatogenic properties.
  • Placental extracts have long been used as an active ingredient for skin lightening QDs, together with ascorbic acid and its derivatives. Previously, a bovine-derived placental extract was the primary commercial source.
  • Placenta wrinkle cream derived from bovine placentas can slow down the appearance of visible signs of aging by moisturizing skin and combating wrinkles.
  • The Placenta Extract used in Hask products is from bovine placenta (cow), collected after the natural birthing process in its purest and most stable form of Lyophilized Powder.

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