Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sugar Grading

  • Sugar is graded according to its color and according to the size of its granules. Internationally, ICUMSA is the yardstick with which quality of sugar is judged. Color of the sugar and the luster of sugar are the predominant factors in ICUMSA rating. 
  • As per Indian standards based on the color and luster of sugar the same is assigned numbers viz. 29, 30 and 31. The lower the number inferior or duller the color of sugar and vice versa. On the basis of granule size sugar is again classified as S, M or L meaning small, medium and large sugar. 
  • For grading, the sifter controls both oversize and undersize in your material. A common example for quality assurance is grading sugar to simultaneously remove the lumps and fines. 
  • Solid sugar types are graded by color and granulation size. Sugar is classified by its raw source and the form in which it is produced, such as liquid, crystal or granulated. 

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