Thursday, July 05, 2012

Granite Mining

  • The granite mining in India is an age-old phenomenon and started in a small way in 1930s when some trimmed blocks as kerb stones we are exported to uk
  • Granite processing basically involves sawing or cutting of raw blocks into the tiles/slabs of required size & thickness and polishing of sawn-off surfaces. Other ancillary functions involve edge cutting, milling, boring and contouring for enhancing the quality and price of production.
  • The granite mining process involves two important stages of operation: one is actual block splitting either from sheet rock or boulder and the other operation involves many items of works, such as removal of weathered zone or overburden, opening of faces, lifting of cut blocks, transportation and many other ancillary work before and after the block splitting.
  • Granite mining equipment is used to mine granite rocks for aggregates production.
  •  These granite aggregates are used primarily for building foundations, road, bridge and pier construction.

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