Thursday, July 05, 2012

Fluoboric Acid

  • Fluoroboric acid (fluoboric acid) is the chemical compound & it is the conjugate acid of tetrafluoroborate. 
  • Fluoboric Acid is a colorless Liquid Which does not exist as a free, pure substance
  • HBF4 is also used in aluminum etching and acid pickling.
  • Applications in Organic chemistry, Galvanic cells, Metal plating 
  • Fluoboric acid was prepared by adding analar grade boric acid in small increments with constant stirring to a chemically pure hydrofluoric acid (40 wt %)
  • It can be used as oxide of metal surface, the cleaning and corrodent of silicate membrane and the cleaning of aluminum and alloy before plating. It is also used as deep acidification in oil field.

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