Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Flotation Reagent

  • Flotation is a process technique upgrading ores by using  flotation reagents in the flotation vessel. This process involves modifying and taking advantage of the differences in surface chemistry of the materials to be separated.
  • Three principal types of flotation reagents are collectors, regulating agents, and frothing agents.
  • Collectors are organic substances that impart hydrophobicity to mineral particles to be floated, which makes possible the attachment of the particles to gas bubbles.
  • Regulating agents are used to increase the selectivity of collector adherence to the surface of specific minerals, increase the strength of the adherence, reduce the amount of collector used.
  • Frothing agents increase the stability of the mineralized froth and facilitate the dispersion of air in the pulp and the formation of the minutest possible bubbles.

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