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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lauryl Alcohol

  • A colourless, water insoluble solid of melting point 24 °C and boiling point 259 °C. It has a floral aroma. It can be obtained from palm kernel or coconut oil fatty acids and methyl esters by reduction.
  • Synonyms of Lauryl Alcohol are Dodecanol, dodecan-1-ol,  dodecyl alcohol and is a fatty alcohol. 
  • Oxidatively stable with atmospheric oxygen under normal conditions and in the absence of light.
  • In the making of surfactants, lubricating oils, pharmaceuticals, in the formation of monolithic polymers and also as a flavor enhancing food additive Lauryl alcohol plays a major role.
  • Dodecanol is used as an emollient in the cosmetics.

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