Thursday, October 04, 2012


  • An organic compound having Chemical formula CN2H2 which is a white solid is being used in agriculture and the production of pharma-ceuticals and other organic compounds.
  • Cyanamide derivatives compound are also referred to as cyanamides, the most common is calcium Cyanamide(CaCN2).
  • Synonyms of Cyanamide are Amidocyanogen, carbamonitrile, carbimide, carbodiimide, cyanoamine, cyanoazane, N-cyano amine,cyanogenamide, cyanogen amide, cyanogen nitride, diiminomethane, hydrogen cyanamide, methane diimide.
  • Cyanamide is produced by continuous hydrolysis of calcium cyanamide, which in turn is prepared from calcium carbide via the Frank-Caro process.

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