Tuesday, October 16, 2012

PVC Layflat Hose


  • A tough water discharge hose made from a PVC materials and reinforced polyester yarn. The high tensile polyester yarn provides great durability and strength in all working situations.
  • Fiber winding weave PVC plastic coated lay flat hose production line adopts polyester fibers for reinforced materials. 
  • The foreign advanced technology manufacturing once-shaped hoses by the special techniques of plasticizing the PVC materials squeezed through extruder, which also uses polyester fiber as reinforcing material.
  • Characteristics are high working pressure, Light weight, easy to handle, Long life, flexible, Long length with easy storage, Resistant to most oxidizing and no limitation in length.
  • It possess a basic structure of high Density Polyester yarn thread is used for netting, inner and outer sides are fusion adhered with the soft PVC compound.

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