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Monday, June 18, 2012

Bio-Based Isobutylene

Bio-Based Isobutylene

  • Lanxess and the U.S.manufacturer of renewable chemicals companies are stepping up bio-Givaudan commercial production of isobutene, the two companies to develop a bio-isobutylene technology.
  • Givaudan is responsible for fermentation of sugars from corn extract isobutanol, Lanxess is responsible for providing Divo dehydration of isobutanol to isobutene to refine.
  • Lanxess is responsible for financial and business media relations Daniel - Alexander Smith (daniel-alexander smith) said: "As the company's shareholders and investors, Givaudan, Lanxess will produce bio-isobutylene rubber production for all the experimental results show , made use of biological isobutylene butyl rubber tire industry, in line with stringent performance parameters."Smith said, based on current expectations, the company produced bio-butyl rubber in 2015 tons.

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