Tuesday, June 26, 2012

PLA coated paper products

  • PLA products were produced from renewable resources such as corn and sugarcane instead of petroleum, thus offsetting the United States’ need for foreign oil and reducing waste.
  • Today, plastic is not the best material to use for any mass produced product because it is definitely not biodegradable. Paper products coated with PE/PET are friendlier to our environment than plastic.
  • However, polymers that coat these paper products are still not as biodegradable as 100% pure PLA coated eco friendly paper products.
  • PLA coated paper eco products can be repulped and made into basic raw materials likes tissue or kraft paper. PLA paper products are recyclable and re-usable.

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Ross Taylor said...

Nice. Changing markets for recycled paper products, Now we collect all paper's for recycling together. Whether a bin of any color use them for all paper to be recycled. Sometimes companies use these terms to environmental marketing for promoting there goods and services.

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